COUNTERFEIT Steals Our Punk Hearts With New Single ’11:44′

COUNTERFEIT Steals Our Punk Hearts With New Single ’11:44′

Calling all fans of rock music and artists like Yungblud!
COUNTERFEIT, our new favorite rock group from the UK, just dropped an absolute banger of a song named ’11:44′. The track is like a time capsule into the 1990s, consequently making you want to break out your leather jackets and studded belts. It combines gritty guitars and political messages that form a superbly catchy tune. We LOVE it, and we’re pretty confident you will too.

Frontman Jamie Bower had this to say about the single: “We are facing some very real problems in the world right now, and greed, corruption, ignorance and hatred are at the very forefront of them. We are seeing great change in these times and this song is a reminder that we must keep going and why. For without change and progression, we are doomed. This is for all our people.” We stan bands that stand for political and social issues!

What’s on your mind, honeybees? Are you addicted to this song yet, or getting yourself ready for a punk revival? We are too. Don’t forget to check out our recent Fresh Music Friday if you haven’t already for more bops! Leave a comment with your thoughts, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Dig this song and want more Counterfeit tunes?

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