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Vine 2.0 Has Dropped In The Form Of BYTE!

Vine 2.0 Has Dropped In The Form Of BYTE!

The latest craze known to many as Vine 2.0 is actually the new six-second video app with the snappy name of BYTE. When we heard about this we just HAD to take took a look into this app to see if it’s like Vine or way different.


Can I Download on IOS & Android?

The app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. You log on and immediately see the ‘popular’ page with users’ content. It’s a quick trend people have got into rather quickly.

You can scroll through and follow your faves to keep up to date with the latest content they release, much like its competitor.

It has similar features as it’s predecessor, Vine — with 6-second loop videos rather than 15-60 second videos like it’s successful competitor TikTok.

When you like a video it’s called “rebyting” instead of “revining.” The major difference between BYTE and TikTok is that you do not have audio to play/act or improv with. it’s strictly you and your creativity. Which for original content creators, we think is pretty darn cool!


Different Categories

It has various categories to choose from of what kind of content you decide to make or view. You can add videos or photos from your camera roll but it can only be 6 seconds long. So make it quick and fun to get those views!

Image Source: BYTE App

The main difference we have noticed is it’s a little harder to navigate upon opening the app. However, this is something new and like most things, it takes a while to familiarise yourself. They have a ‘For Your Consideration’ tab at your home screen, much like TikTok’s ‘For You’ it’s your recommendations.

Image Source: BYTE App
Image Source: BYTE App

It is worth noting that to search personal stats and what has been noticed, you have to go to your profile and tap around your name to find your data.

Can It Replace TikTok?

Currently, TikTok has a record of 500 million users worldwide. It is available in 155 countries. To date, it has 1.5 billion downloads across all devices. I think it’s safe to say TikTok is safe regardless of BYTE being released. But do we think they can co-exist and work alongside each other successfully? That’s an EASY yes from us!

We love when something is reinvented or fresh comes along and we hope to see plenty of BYTE content in the foreseeable future!

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You can download the App here!


Will you be downloading the App? If you have already what do you think? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at The Honey Pop and let us know!

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