You Can Never Stay Mad At Kiana Lede With Her New Single

You Can Never Stay Mad At Kiana Lede With Her New Single

We have another R&B star to add to your playlist! Her name is Kiana Lede, and her originality and angelic vocals will have you head over heels for her. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, and moving to New York, Kiana is evolving into a more significant artist year by year. In 2019, she released her second EP titled Myself, which received millions of streams and turned many heads. Needless to say, you have to check this girl out.

On January 24, she released her new single ‘Mad At Me.’ I know what you’re thinking — how could anyone be mad at her? We’re not sure either.

If you are into classic hip hop and r&b, you will definitely like this track. She samples one of OutKast’s classic songs ‘Fresh and Clean.’ We’re not gonna lie, we are in love with the attitude and confidence we hear throughout the track. We don’t blame you, Kiana, they shouldn’t be the one mad at you. Know your worth, laid ease!

If you are in love with the song like we are, imagine how great the video will be! We would love to see her Aries energy. You can stream ‘Mad at Me’ on all platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music!

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What do you guys think of ‘Mad at Me?’ Did you like the spin she put on ‘So Fresh, So Clean?’ Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!

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