Colony House Released ‘Leave What’s Lost Behind’ and We Can’t Get Enough

Colony House Released ‘Leave What’s Lost Behind’ and We Can’t Get Enough

Colony House released album Leave What’s Lost Behind, giving us powerful lyrics and diverse sounds throughout the album. We weren’t ready for this, but we’re here for it.

Colony House's album 'Leave What's Lost Behind'
Image Source: As posted on Colony House’s Twitter

While many of the songs on this album make up a story about how life is expected to constantly change or evolve, they also confront deeply personal problems. With music videos for certain songs, like ‘Original Material’, we can see this message pretty loud and clear.

The Experimentation and the Band

Vocalist Caleb Chapman commented on how the band came about with the album.

“After a confusing season of trying to figure out what Colony House was supposed to sound like next, we put that on hold and began focusing on what Colony House wanted to communicate,” said Chapman.

The first track of the album was released as a single a few months ago but is still a song to listen to and get some inspiration or hope. ‘Looking for Some Light‘ makes us all relate to a level of trying sometimes failing, but carrying on.

The album includes indie, rock, alternative, folklore sounds and some of everything in-between. The experimental album is a clear success for the band.

Leave What’s Lost Behind Headline Tour

Speaking of success, Colony House’s album Leave What’s Lost Behind is also being paired with a 2020 tour. If you aren’t going, what are you doing? To see if they’re coming to a city near you check out the picture below. To buy tickets, click here.

Image Source: As posted on Colony House’s Twitter

Haven’t heard the album? Click here to listen and tweet us with your favorite song or lyric @TheHoneyPop.

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For more information on Colony House:

Featured Image Source: As posted on Colony House’s Twitter

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[…] Colony House keep delivering such bops. We all already know it, their song ‘Original Material’ is incredible, keeping us dancing while singing along with them. And it has a good message, you know? We don’t need to fit it, and Colony House doesn’t want to, they want to be ‘Original Material.’ And they truly are! […]

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