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Mindhunting For Answers (Mindhunter Season 3: Recap and Updates)

Mindhunting For Answers (Mindhunter Season 3: Recap and Updates)

🚨Mindhunter Season 2 SPOILERS AHEAD🚨

Mindhunter season 2 poster Source: IMDB Mindhunter

What do you see on this graying rorschach test? Ink navigating corrupted black-coal-veins and sludge rivers on our darkened screens. Beloved saviors Bill Tench, Holden Ford, Wendy Carr and Jim Barney fight back the criminal darkness that comes from notorious figures as Son of Sam, BTK, Edmund Kemper, Wayne Williams and the cult-leader Charles Manson.

We wonder why they do it. For the greater good? Is their inner light shining so brightly? Or is it because nobody else matches their capacity for darkness? Even with increasing experience and their custom training methods developing at a quicker pace, this world only got bigger and far more slippery.

Recap (Major Spoilers)

Season 2 ups the ante. The house bets high. Newfound pressures slink into our characters’ lives through unlocked doors and cracked open windows. The trio looks at each other and contemplates standing, damping a stubby cigarette in an ash tray and walking away from the table.

Fincher’s style becomes more evident in season 2. Characters distance themselves from one another, almost as though their world’s grimness seeped into small cracks in their relationships, grew and split them entirely. Stronger together. The viewer may feel more anxieties in Season 2 as our protagonists are spread out and isolated.

Holden stays mostly in Atlanta working with a task force assigned to solving the Atlanta Child Murders. Wendy Carr meets a seductive young bartender, completely opposite in personality and a challenge to date. Not only does she face problems at home with her girlfriend, she also faces the trouble of coming out again in a new world in a new line of work.

Holden and Barney Source: IMDB Mindhunter

The last of the trio, Bill Tench, sees the strangest and most shocking shake-up. Tench juggles his work life and home life, walking the thin line of losing both. Not only this, but Tench’s worst fears are reimagined. No worse nightmare could wake Tench from a deep sleep than the thought of one of these mad men harming his family.

Mindhunter Season 3
Tench and Nancy Source: IMDB Mindhunter

When Season 2 starts, it certainly appears they’re getting close when a baby is killed in the home Nancy (Tench’s wife) is trying to sell. The suspected killer: BTK. Just as he imagined. Danger on his doorstep, and all while he’s away for work in Atlanta. But soon Tench is called home by Nancy, tearful and in a panic. Police are investigating their son, Brian, a closed mouth young boy, quiet and meek. Tench returns home and Brian admits to having a hand in the murder. It was his idea to place the baby’s corpse ceremonially on a cross.

Disturbing and heart wrenching. Bill’s world is flipped on itself. The danger to his family isn’t coming from outside, and can’t be remedied with locked doors. But rather it comes from within his household. Instead of locked doors, Brian needs extensive therapy and observation to be kept safe.

Tench’s story arc takes the sharpest turn. And we see how it affects his work. Tench blows up on Charles Manson in an interview and struggles to put together a cross in Atlanta as a vigil for a murdered boy. The final episode hits Bill with the ultimate pain. He comes home to an empty house and no note. Nancy left him and took Brian with.

Quite literally, Bill Tench lost the foundation that kept him safe from his brutal investigative work. We’re all curious to see how Bill reacts to adversity now that his anchor is gone.

Mindhunter Season 3
Ed Kemper and Holden Ford Mindhunter Source: GIPHY

What We Know About Season 3

Season 2 of Mindhunter exceeded expectations set by season 1. A victory in its own right, but when the fireworks ended, it begged the question: where can it go from here?

Executive producer David Fincher and the Mindhunter creative crew may not know the answer just yet. But don’t panic. Season 2 was released nearly two years after Season 1 and for good reason. David Fincher is meticulous. He cares about the product put on screen and it shows.

If it means the best Mindhunter Season 3 possible will release in 2021? So be it. It is hard to be patient, especially with loose ends not tied up at the conclusion of Season 2. Also, many fans may have been anxiously anticipating more BTK. In fact, it appeared BTK would be the leading villain of season 2. Instead, Dennis Rader’s gruesome murders were teased with momentary segments and then continued with build up similar to that of Season 1.

Mindhunter Season 3
Dennis Rader in Mindhunter Source: IMDB Mindhunter

Some fans may have felt jilted when the final episode cut to black. But being pent up for four years (as irritating as it may feel in the pants) can lead to a euphoric release. When our Mindhunter rocks get off, Fincher may win an award for Best Edging.

Mindhunter Rumors

Holt McCallaney (Bill Tench) rumored in an interview with Screen Rant that Mindhunter could go on for five seasons.

“Because you know I believe in his talent,” McCallaney said. “I know that you know, he wants to do five years of this show. Five seasons of these characters and so I’m hopeful, you know I don’t take anything for granted.”

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Mindhunter Season 3
Holt McCallaney Source: IMDB Mindhunter

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee a Season 3 for Mindhunter. Not even David Fincher. Netflix has an ugly track record of cancelling original shows at unexpected points. These decisions garnered bitterness in Netflix viewers and have lead some people to defect to other streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon.

Fincher’s Success

This isn’t David Fincher’s first rodeo and Netflix most likely knows this. House of Cards became one of Netflix’s most popular original shows and lasted a whole six seasons. And Mindhunter is on the rise. Trust is clearly established between Fincher and Netflix. For Fincher to say Mindhunter will last for five seasons isn’t out of the question. But again, as history shows, nobody can guarantee a spot in a Netflix queue.

David Fincher has a vision. One can only hope Netflix keeps fueling his five year plan. If it does, Mindhunter fans are in store for a wild ride. With Fincher’s previous work, it might be safe to expect each Mindhunter season will surpass the prior, starting with an already impressive season 2 and a potentially mind boggling season 3.

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