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Sweet Releases Its Like Pick ‘N’ Mix For The Ears!

Sweet Releases Its Like Pick ‘N’ Mix For The Ears!

As it’s the start of a new decade, we at The Honey Pop wanted to treat you to some sweet releases of the best new songs, artists and albums the music scene has to offer. There is something for everyone, new artists you won’t want to miss and songs that will light up your life.

Get ready for our weekly burst of sweet releases, to start your week with a bang!

Two Feet — ‘Grey’

We at The Honey Pop love Two Feet and we are so excited to hear his debut album ‘Pink’! To get us in the mood for it and tease us ahead of its March 13th release. He has given us a new song ‘Grey’ from the album. It’s a beautiful mellow bop! That will have you singing along from the start, making it the perfect song to relax to. His vocals are a mix of soulful and calming, while the fretwork and beats give it an ideal backdrop. You don’t wanna miss out on Two Feet, he is definitely an artist on the rise!

Glacier Veins — ‘Everything Glows’

Some Serious punk alternative vibes flow from Glacier Veins’ new single ‘Everything Glows.’ The song jumps right into amazing instrumentals, with the talent from the group seeping into their performance. Malia Endres is nothing shy from the female pink power we see from PVRIS and Tonight Alive. Their performance has a captivatingly unique set, and we cannot wait for their album The World You Want To See to blow our minds on February 28th!

The Know — ‘Hold Me Like You Know Me’ Video

‘Hold Me Like You Know Me’ from The Know is a light uplifting song. It has velvety gentle sounds combined with soft rock. The lyrics are raw and full of emotion. Not to mention the music video is beautifully shot. The slight haze over the images captured the meaning of the song and brings the message to life. Definitely not a song you wanna skip!

C.SHIROCK — ‘Lost To The Night’ Video

C Shirock has us in our feels with ‘Lost To The Night’. Making amends with someone you love after many years have passed, is something we have all experienced. It has gentle vocals and motivating words complimented by soft music. The music video is raw and emotional so be prepared to grab some tissue boxes!

Chaz Cardigan — ‘Not OK’ Video

Chaz Cardigan really strips it bare in his latest single, ‘Not Ok.’ The singer croons about human imperfections and how everyone has something that makes them imperfect. The gritty guitar riff and the catchy beat really bring this song to the next level. Its a hypnotizing track that lures you from the very beginning. The music video is simple, yet alluring as it tells the story of facing those human imperfections head on and accepting them. Chaz Cardigan has really delivered yet another smash hit with this track.

Leven Kali — ‘Homegirl’ Video

Leven Kali has delivered a catchy, soulful track with ‘Homegirl.’ The beat is reminiscent of an 90s R&B track with a bit of 70s funk mixed in. The visuals in the music video are eye-catchy and fun, which adds a playful element to the track. Smino and Topaz Jones round out the song with providing their smooth voices for some stylish rap verses.

Half Hearted — ‘Vicious Cycle’ Video

First off, ‘Vicious Cycle’ starts out with an epic guitar riff which we’re living for. The vocals are so smooth over the instrumentals, and when the beat drops for the chorus it adds that extra element of spice. The song talks about being in a toxic relationship, and the exact moment when you realize things are too broken to be fixed. The impressive lyricism only adds yet another element to this track, and rounds everything out. Half-hearted is about to take over the charts in an epic way and we are living for it!

Slowly Slowly — ‘Race Car Blues’

Slowly Slowly are really giving off a vibe reminiscent of The Fray, until the beat drops. Sort of like The Fray meets 3 Doors Down. With smooth vocals, and a soft lead up in the beat, the song surprises you and really captivates. It’s a rock song with powerful lyrics that has visuals to match. If ‘Race Car Blues’ is any indication for the band’s album then we are stoked and ready for it to drop!

Billy Raffoul — ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’

Billy Raffoul stuns us with a beautiful song about life and death. The blend of the ‘It’s a Beautiful Life’ sound and Raffoul’s voice works perfectly to showcase his talent with this new song. Grieving the loss of someone while he celebrates them through faith-based lyrics simply has us in awe. Whether you’re looking to reminisce a loved one who has passed away or need a reminder of how truly great life is, this is the song for you.

JETTA — ‘Livin’

Jetta is really bringing us ‘90s vibes in her latest single ‘Livin.’ With the electro-pop beat and her majestic voice, Jetta is really sending us into a nostalgic wonderland. ‘Livin’ is about shaking off bad vibes/feelings and start living your life without fear. That’s something that really resonates this day in age.

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Gab De La Vega — ‘Beyond Space And Time’

‘Beyond Space and Time’ lures you in from the very first note with the retro beats and raspy vocals of Gab De La Vega. His voice is definitely one of a kind and it adds an element of uniqueness that solidifies this album. Vega’s really going to blow people away with these deeply personal tracks during his upcoming Italian performances, and we would love to be front row!

We Are The City — RIP Album

We Are The City are no strangers here at The Honey Pop. We have covered them in previous Sweet Releases and with good reason!! They are thriving with the release of their 5th studio album RIP and we are loving it. It is packed full of emotion and a rawness that shines through in every track. The band themselves described the album as “a love letter to everyone who has shared their life with us and who has let us share our lives with them. It’s a love letter to our youth. And, most of all, it’s a love letter to Kyle Tubbs” A childhood best friend of Lead vocalist Cayne Mckenzie. It’s a beautiful tribute and it’s well worth listening to!

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Well, there you have it, Another week of Sweet Releases! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of potential favorites and maybe some new big hits! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a sweet song you think should be added to our list? Check out past installments here. Then let us know what you thought of them down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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