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Behind the Band: David Babb

Behind the Band: David Babb

David Babb

One of our goals with Behind the Band was to highlight every single aspect of the behind-the-scenes. We wanted to make sure we included everyone from those who spend their daily life on tour, to those who directly deal with the bands they work with on the regular, to anyone who only ever works with one band, to the unsung heroes of the publication world.

With over fifteen years of experience within the industry and a publication of his own, David Babb (of Hell Entertainment) has worked with many notable bands of all origins. Always eager to share his work and a bit of his story, we were thrilled to sit down and chat with him regarding where he got his start and what we can expect of him and Hell Entertainment within this new year.

Check out our interview below of yet another great example of all the different levels of work and people that go into all of the bands or musicians that we know and love on the daily!

We’re gonna begin with an easy one: how did you get your start?

I started working in the local music scene 2005. I have had the pleasure working with some amazing artists in the New England area over the years.

What was your main reason behind getting involved in the music industry?

My ultimate goal is to provide a place where bands [or] artists can get everything they need for their brand under one roof. From photography, graphic design, videos, website creation and so much more. That is why I started Hell Entertainment. Right now we have seven members of our team and we cover all New England and OKC.

David Babb

September Mourning

Can we talk a bit about some of the bands you’ve worked with? What’s been your favorite to shoot?

Oh boy, that list is a long one. Some of the artists that we have had the pleasure of working with either personally or through their PR rep: Scarecrow Hill, Twiztid, Boondox, Tech N9ne, ICP, Mushroom Head, September Mourning, Shinedown, Dead By Wednesday, In the Red, Sky Swamp Orange and the list keeps going.

My personal favorite shoot that I did had to have been this past Twizitd tour, Every Day is Halloween. The energy was electrifying from the artists and the crowd. Here I got to interview September Mourning as well. That was my first interview so I was a little nervous, to say the least. But this was my personal favorite to date.

At what point during your career did you realize that what you do matters and makes a difference?

Really from the first time I worked with my first local band. To give that local band the feeling that look that they have been dreaming of is one of the best feelings. While I do like working with the artists that have made it, the pure love comes from working with those who are striving to get there.

What has been your biggest “wow I’m really doing this” moment so far?

My biggest moment would have had to been when I got approved to shoot the Insane Clown Posse. They were on my bucklist and this year it came true twice. Being a juggalo since I was 16 and now to be down in the photo pit area is still so surreal.

David Babb

“My ultimate goal is to provide a place where bands [or] artists can get everything they need for their brand under one roof…”

Is there something specific we should look out for from you in 2020?

In 2020 I am looking to expand the Hell roster with more shooters in more areas. Also looking to add different events as well. I just booked Cage Titans (MMA) here in Plymouth Ma on Jan 25th. Looking to have many different types of events this year.

While photographing a band, have you ever stepped outside of doing that and helped them out in other ways? If so, what’s been the craziest thing you’ve done for someone?

Nothing crazy comes to mind. Just helping set up with equipment and making sure everything runs smooth. One time the sound guy didn’t show up for a show in CT and I ended up running sound for the night. That was an experience.

David Babb

Tylor, of Scarecrow Hill

See Also

Finally, as we’ve said, bands create ripples of all sizes and we’re truly fascinated by it. However, we all know they couldn’t do it alone and we’ve loved focusing on you and how you’ve impacted the experience of consumers and fans of music. Can you shoutout two or three people who are also part of the behind-the-scenes that you think deserve more recognition?

Right off the top would have to be the significant others of artists. Without them holding the fort down while the other is on the road things would fall apart. I know for me that it is 100% accurate. Also the security at the venues. These folks putting their bodies in harm’s way to make sure that the fans and artists are safe. Then, of course, is the stage crew or roadies. Really without them, all chaos would break loose. They are the real heroes that make sure the show runs smoothly.

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