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There’s ‘No Way Out’ of Being a Fan of The Word Alive

There’s ‘No Way Out’ of Being a Fan of The Word Alive

Metalcore band The Word Alive just dropped a new music video for their track ‘No Way Out’ and we can’t get enough. It’s a hard hitting, lyrically meaningful track about lead singer Telle Smith’s “darkest day.” We know that sounds pretty daunting, but trust us, it’s worth the listen.

Telle Smith himself says that the song “doesn’t hold back” with regards to the story behind the words. That, combined with the knowledge that the song details his darkest day, is enough to show the intended emotional intensity of the song. ‘No Way Out’ is one of the first singles from The Word Alive’s new album. It makes us wonder if of the rest of the album will follow the same lyrical tone. The new album MONOMANIA drops on February 21st by Fearless Records.

Along with the important lyrics, the song has a visually stunning video accompanying it, which you can watch here:

‘No Way Out’ is a powerful track, lyrically, vocally, and emotionally. If you’ve ever felt the way Telle Smith has, you’ll definitely feel the emotional weight of the song. (It’s worth noting that if you are feeling or have felt like this, it might help to talk to someone!)

Story-wise, the video features a young boy, finding a necklace that gives him newfound powers. What’s interesting is that he finds the necklace in an area where signs warn that magic is not allowed. It sets up an interesting story of how his powers will be perceived. Later, his mother runs in and knocks down an object floating in the air as a result of his powers, suggesting that magic is a no-no in whatever world they’re living in. The story continues with a the boy, now an adult, seemingly trapped in the monotony of his magic-filled life. We learn that the boy is Telle Smith. In the end, we see an adult Telle ripping the necklace off. He stands and watches it burn in a fire made by the snap of his fingers. It’s quite a fitting ending if you ask us.

Look at little Telle, rocking the blue hair.

Young Telle Smith in the video for 'No Way Out'
Image Source: ‘No Way Out’ – The Word Alive

Visually, the music video is stunning. It flips back and forth between scenes of the band and the story of the necklace. The Word Alive is playing in a blue darkness, shadows everywhere as they are back-lit only by a few bright lights. The creation of “magic,” showcased through floating objects and exploding light bulbs, is masterful as well. The effects of the video contribute heavily to the story of the necklace, and Telle’s story as well.

And of course, here’s the band itself

The Word Alive in their music video for 'No Way Out'
Image Source: ‘No Way Out’ – The Word Alive

Perhaps one of the most visually stunning and emotionally hard hitting moments of the video is the song’s bridge. During this part, we see Telle Smith’s breakdown. Telle stands in the middle of the room, screaming, as he throws furniture and objects everywhere. The lyric “trying to feel something” punctuates the the fade out of the bridge into the outro. Telle lies on the ground, lying to face the ceiling. This seems to be one of the most significant parts of the video, tied to the emotional weight of the song. It’s like we’re seeing a glimpse of what Telle Smith’s darkest day might have looked like. It’s a very personal, emotional story to tell and this song, and video, have done a wonderful job of sharing it.

Along with the new album, The Word Alive will be going on tour with Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate starting in February. You can find those dates here.

So what do you think of The Word Alive? Did you like the song? Will you be screaming along to it during their tour? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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