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A Valentine’s Day Playlist Full of Self Love

A Valentine’s Day Playlist Full of Self Love

A Valentine’s Playlist for the special person in your life

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where you celebrate your love for your S.O, go the extra mile to prove your love, and it is all overall exhausting. So, this year we at The Honey Pop want you to go the extra mile for the most important person in your life: you. This Valentine’s Day make it all about you! Get yourself some chocolates and start a bubble bath and get ready to lock into this playlist all about self-love.

Anklebiters — Paramore

This song is a self-acceptance anthem. Hayley Willams tackles the idea of accepting yourself despite other people’s opinions and the obstacles you create for yourself. In a genre that seems to focus on the negatives, Paramore shows you that in the end, you’re left with you so make it count.

Good As Hell — Lizzo

A self-love playlist wouldn’t be complete without a Lizzo song. In ‘Good As Hell’, Lizzo focuses on not wasting time on people who don’t make you feel good. You gotta make sure you make yourself feel good, and not let anyone take that from you.

Love Myself — Olivia O’Brien ft. Jesse

In this soft pop song Olivia and Jesse talk about how they’ve dealt with trying to live up to other people’s standards. They realize that doing this will never make them happy, so they need to focus on loving themselves.

Milk — Brockhampton

In this insanely raw song, the members of Brockhampton touch on the darkest parts of their lives and share some things that most people wouldn’t share. The chorus repeats “I gotta get better at being me” which pushes the idea that they are finding solace in the negatives and letting it push them to be better. This is a song that will make you cry while simultaneously inspire you to reach limits you did not think you could before.

Still Learning — Halsey

In this track off Halsey’s third studio album Manic she shows a vulnerable side that we can relate to. Despite having a good life and the things she wants; she still doesn’t feel complete. She spends this song talking about how she is learning to love herself even when it seems hard.

Love Myself — Hailee Steinfeld

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard this song Hailee created this song to show you are all you really need. You are more than capable of providing yourself with the love and care you need. As well as giving us great song to dance around, Hailee makes you feel so empowered.

You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift

In Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” she talks about all the people that spend their time tearing others down, and how she realizes she is not the issue, they are. She says “I’ve learned a lesson that stressin and obsessin bout somebody else is no fun, and snakes and stones never broke my bones” meaning that she won’t be happy if she’s trying to live for someone else, and she won’t let them hurt her.

No Scrubs — TLC

This song is a classic. One we can all relate to and know at least 75% of the words to. This song is all about not settling and getting what you deserve, because you truly do deserve it. Not to mention it is just a fun song and one you can easily sing and dance a long to in your room on Valentine’s Day

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Make this Valentine’s Day All About Self Love!

Valentine’s Day is fun and all, but being able to dedicate the day to yourself instead of someone else is so rewarding. Show yourself some love and put yourself with this Self Love Playlist. Open that bottle of cheap wine, and light some candles because tonight it’s all about you.

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