Kate Tempest Releases New Single ‘Unholy Elixir’

Kate Tempest Releases New Single ‘Unholy Elixir’
Kate Tempest on stage at a festival in the Netherlands| Photographed by Andrew Benge for Getty Images

Kate Tempest Releases New Single ‘Unholy Elixir’

If you have not heard of Kate Tempest, you’re going to soon. Kate is a playwright, novelist, poet and spoken word artist, so it is safe to safe she does it all. Not to mention the new release of her song ‘Unholy Elixir’ where you get a glimpse into Kate’s mind after a year of touring and learning more about life and herself. The song is a continuation of ‘Holy Elixir’, she had a new story to tell and she does a great job of telling it. Watch the visual music video to the song below.

Kate Tempest is Here to Tell Her Story

The song starts with a dark tone and intense spoken word that draws you in immediately. Tempest has a flow you can’t just dismiss, not to mention it is tied with a video that creates a story you feel for. After you watch the visuals that go along with the song you realize; Kate is creating art like nobody else. She is here to make you think and take listeners on an emotional journey.

A Visual Music Video with Power

Kate Tempest worked with illustrator Natayla Lobanova on the visual video for ‘Unholy Elixir’. They created a powerful video that shows what is happening in Kate’s head. The video turns dark red as the tone becomes more serious, as well as showing people turning into non human beings. Above all, you can really see that Kate Tempest put her all into this single.

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Featured image source: Julian Broad courtesy Republic Records

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