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Whether you know about TXT (Tomorrow X Together) as BTS’s new juniors or as the fresh faces at Bighit Entertainment, you know their name. But do you know the faces behind the name? Well if you’re here, you’re looking to learn why you should give Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai a chance. Look no further, here are the top 5 reasons to stan the 10 and counting Rookie Award receivers who enchant fans around the world.

TXT, Tomorrow X Together
L to R, Choi Beomgyu (18), Choi Yeonjun (20), Kai Huening (17), Kang Taehyun (17), Choi Soobin (19, Leader)
source: Twitter @TXT_bighit_jp 200125

#1 They’re Versatile

With only 2 albums and a Japanese debut under their belt, the boys have barely scratched the surface on their skills as a group. But within those 13 songs, they have explored and conquered 13 genres. As a group with no positions to hold them down, their producers have worked well to show off their abilities as artists. They’ve covered from classic pop and new age pop to modern rap, slow R&B, and new wave rock. We MOAs never know what to expect with every new track. But even if you don’t love every track, there is always one song that touches everyone.

Recently at the 2019 SBS 가요대전 and the 2019 KBS 가요대축제, they wowed audiences with their covers of BTS’ ‘Boy in Luv’ and the iconic debut of SHINee, ‘Replay’. Their ability to flawlessly perform 2 opposite concepts had fans and non-fans alike raving.

#2 They Have A Spectrum Of Personalities

As a group, TXT pride themselves on having such distinct personalities compared to each other. Leader Soobin has commented on how he enjoys his opposite personality to the oldest member Yeonjun.

Fans told me that Yeonjun and I are a total reverse in style…Such opposite members in one team and it works out perfectly, is what I read a lot. That’s why we’re a team.

191104 VLIVE

Whether you love an introverted extrovert like Beomgyu, a wise and sarcastic person like Taehyun, a giant baby who loves dolls like Hueningkai, a maknae-like elder like Yeonjun, or a gentle, refreshing spirit like Soobin, they got you covered. They make even more amazing moments and personalities when together. Their ambitions to express themselves is why they are worthy to stan. Every new video is another window into their worlds.

#3 They’re Chaotic

Like all boys in Kpop, TXT is quite peculiar and wild. But these 5 tidal waves of chaotic energy go beyond most. Unfortunately, it would take an entirely separate article to highlight their wacky moments. Comment below if you would like to see a top 10 TXT chaotic moments! For now, we will highlight 3 fan-favorite moments. Starting with…

Taehyun’s Sarcastic Side Comments

As the voted most mature member, Taehyun has a knack for talking. Not only are TXT open to his sarcasm, but MOA has also been the subject behind a joke or two. The tiniest member is known to have the response for everything at the drop of a dime. Calling out Noona MOAs for wanting to hear him say they look young is his hobby.

Shade On Weverse

TXT spends a lot of time chatting with MOA on Weverse, the exclusive fan cafe of BigHit Labels. Many times they go back and forth under their posts, sometimes words of encouragement, other times … maybe their manager should take away their phones 😂. The most notable moment is when the boys answered a series of posts from MOA about their bodies compared to large objects like the Sea. Of course, our boys love each other like brothers, but just like brothers, they won’t give up the chance to poke fun at each other.

TXT On WeKpop
source: Youtube KBS World TV

An iconic 2-hour two-parter of … whatever you can make of this mess. From sexy cutie greetings to MOA and dance covers to very rude dancing and many, many questionable jokes between the members and hosts. TXT is great variety kings and this is one of their best appearances. Every appearance is another day for MOA to collect another viral clip.

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#4 They’re Passionate

With every member being a triple threat, it’s incredible to see their other passions. They don’t stop at musical passions. Taehyun is a silver medalist in boxing and skilled magician, Yeonjun is a skateboarder, Beomgyu is a self-taught guitarist and can play by ear, Soobin is a very dedicated foodie, and Hueningkai is a multi-instrumental musician, his instruments include piano, guitar, drums, and the ocarina. They never miss a moment to include MOA in their passions and sharing moments of their past.

#5 They’re Faithful To MOA

MOA (Moments of Alwaysness) have some of the best idols to look up to…kinda literally with a 5’11 average height group. But they know every moment, TXT is thinking of MOA. Recently, the boys have shared their daily schedules, excluding Soobin who shared his ideal schedule if he wasn’t an idol. They all included a part of their every day dedicated to MOA. Whether they’re talking to them or thinking about them, MOA knows they are loved. They also have a series of diary entries on the cafe. Beomgyu writes with all of himself to be seen. He confesses to MOA about his life, his worries, his truths. Translation accounts on Twitter commented on how poetic his words are, how difficult it is to convey his words. If they’re not on Weverse, they’re on Vlive after dinner or Twitter with their tub of ice cream (they love junk food).

We hope this … not so quick breakdown of Tomorrow X Together inspires you to join MOA as we enter a new year with TXT. Tweet us @TheHoneyPop about your discovery of TXT or your current love of TXT.

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