‘Going Crazy’ For Treasure In This New Video

‘Going Crazy’ For Treasure In This New Video

After 364 days since the end of YG Treasure Box, Treasure 13 (henceforth T13) finally got debut hype on January 5! Sadly though, rap line member, Ha Yoonbin, decided to cut ties with YG in December 2019, leaving T13 to restart as Treasure with 12 members. We hope to see Yoonbin debut in the future!

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source: Twitter @ygent_official

A little backstory, Treasure is the debut group of the YG Entertainment survival show, YG Treasure Box (henceforth YGTB). During the finale in January 2019, the 7 members were chosen. After much anger from YGTB viewers, a second lineup named Magnum, added 6 more members, thus the creation of T13. Their debut was postponed indefinitely, in the midst of several issues at YG.

YGTB fans, officially Treasure Makers, have stuck through the year in the dark and have finally been gifted with weekly content since the announcement of Treasure’s new start. The group consists of Hyunsuk, Yedam, Jihoon, Doyoung, Jeongwoo, Yoshi, Junkyu, Mashiho, Asahi, Jaehyuk, Haruto, and Junghwan. No debut information has been officially announced, but we’re excited to see them take over the Kpop scene!

Back to the topic in question, the group has finally released a debut OT12 version of the YGTB hit theme song, ‘Going Crazy’! This is the first time we’ve seen a post-YGTB performance of this track, plus the first time the song has been performed with more than 7 members. The catchy pop song was accompanied by a newly choreographed performance to feature 12 members, as well as a brightly colored performance set.

The familiar tones of the members’ harmonies hyped fans for their upcoming debut. They’ve encountered many hardships together and the buzz about Treasure’s first performance video is an insight into the scale of the madness surrounding their debut.

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