Volumes’ ‘holywater’: Super Riffs, Breakdowns, & Heavenly Dual Vocals

Volumes’ ‘holywater’: Super Riffs, Breakdowns, & Heavenly Dual Vocals

Volumes the L.A. Based, self-proclaimed “groove metal” band that is sometimes filed under progressive-metal-core have slam-danced themselves back onto the scene. Vocalist Michael Barr jumps back into the lineup after a five-year absence (HELL YEAH) alongside Myke Terry (vocals), Radd Soudani (bassist), and Nick Ursich (drummer). Forming in 2009 and debuting on the scene with their first EP, The Concept of Dreaming (2010), these fine looking fellas have been power jamming into our playlist for a solid decade. Starting their career with their debut studio album in 2011 Via changed the way we looked at this genre. Followed by No Sleep (2014), Different Animals (2017) and Coming Clean EP (2019) Both post Barr.

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Nothings beats guitar riffs, groove-driven breakdowns with kick-ass dual lead vocals. With a combination of clean vs. unclean vocals, they’re what progressive-metalcore we hear in our dreams. Volumes straight up delivers. What better way to reinforce that statement than to talk about how dope the song they’ve just dropped is? ‘holywater’ arriving ahead of their next full length via Fearless Records.

Aiming to open a new chapter, the band refers to ‘holywater’ as ‘cleansing any bad vibes from the situation and the scene as well.’ The songs weight also carries Barr’s return to the group while the band reunites as a whole. Volumes wants to produce genuine art as they bring forth a new era. So if you’re digging ‘holywater’ you’re in luck because it embodies everything Volumes strives to be in 2020.

Check out the single and let us know if you could boogie. Or express your excitement over the return of Barr on twitter @thehoneypop

To learn more about VOLUMES:

Featured Image Source: Volumes on Facebook

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