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5 Reasons Why … You Should Watch ‘One Day At A Time’

5 Reasons Why … You Should Watch ‘One Day At A Time’

If have a Twitter you might have noticed #SaveODAAT trending last year. The Twitter campaign was launched by fans who were disappointed to learn that Netflix had cancelled One Day At A Time after three seasons. Fans weren’t ready to say goodbye to their beloved show, which follows the everyday life of the Cuban-American Alvarez family.

Eventually, the fans’ persistence paid off and the series found a new home on Pop — the same channel that airs Schitt’s Creek. ODAAT is set to premier it’s fourth season on March 24th and we’re so excited!

Even though One Day At A Time was saved, it still needs all the help it can get. To ensure that it stays on the air for years to come it needs as many viewers as it can get! That’s why we’ve decided to list our top 5 reasons why you should watch ODAAT when it returns!

1. It’s Hilarious

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Sure, all sitcoms are supposed to be funny but this one actually is. Not only are there some amazing one-liners in this show, but the characters are always getting themselves into wacky scenarios, too. From Lydia accidentally getting high off some “Lemon Dopes” to Penelope teaching Alex how to save money at the movie theaters, we’re certain you’ll be laughing-out loud.

Don’t believe us? Well, stream the first three seasons of the show on Netflix and get back to us. We’ll be here waiting to tell you “we told you so.”

2. It’s Diverse On & Off Screen

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Not only is the show about a Cuban-American family, but the creators made sure to cast actors who have Latinx backgrounds themselves. In fact, the only non-Latinx members of the main cast are Schneider and Leslie. That’s pretty damn impressive! They also take pride in having other Latinx actors guest star on the show. In season three, Melissa Fumero (Brooklyn 99), Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99), Gloria Estefan (Cuban-American singer), and Liz Torres (Gilmore Girls) guest-starred.

The diversity doesn’t stop there! One Day At A Time prides itself on having diversity behind the camera as well. The show is co-run by Mike Royce and Gloria Calderón Kellett, a fellow Cuban-American woman who has been instrumental in bringing authenticity to the series. Both Kellet and Royce made sure their behind-the-scenes family was diverse too — employing several women and people of color on their writing staff and in directorial positions.

The diversity doesn’t even stop there though. ODAAT is also diverse in terms of its subject matter. The show tackles LGBT storylines and even has a non-binary character who plays an important role in the series.

3. It’s Woke AF

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To be honest, this should be at the top of our list of reasons why to watch One Day At A Time. There really isn’t any other comedic show out there that tackles this many real world issues while maintaining its comedic tone.

In the first season alone, ODAAT tackled the complicated subject of immigration, featured a heartfelt coming-out story, confronted colorism in Latinx communities, and dealt with mental health for veterans. The second and third season expanded on those topics and also cover sexual assault and consent and the struggles that arise from addiction.

We’re certain the fourth season of ODAAT will continue being woke AF and we can’t wait to get educated.

4. It Might Help You Pick Up Spanish

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Need help with that Spanish homework? Well, One Day At A Time might be able to help you. Though the show doesn’t subtitle its Spanish dialogue you can always turn on captions to understand what they’re saying. If nothing else, you’ll probably pick up a Spanish insult or two.

Just don’t use ODAAT as an excuse not to do your homework, that wouldn’t be very Alvarez of you!

5. It’s Heartfelt

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Above all else, One Day At A Time is heartfelt. The Alvarez really love and care about each other. You don’t even have to be blood to be considered an Alvarez which is even more amazing. Even when things get tough, they’re always there for each other.

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It might be wise to keep a box of tissues nearby when you watch. Sure, you’ll laugh a bunch while watching but don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears too.

While season 4 One Day At A Time doesn’t start airing until March 24th, you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix now. Just promise us you won’t forget to tune in to Pop on March 24th!

If you’ve watched all three seasons and you’re anxiously awaiting season 4, check out the One Day At A Time special which is streaming now on Pop TV.

So, did we convince you to watch? We sure hope we did! Are you a ODAAT fan already? What are your top 5 reasons to watch? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPOP!

Gif Source: Netflix | GIPHY

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