Amber Mark Gets Plenty ‘Generous’ With Her New Single

Generous album cover Source: Twitter @Amb3rMark

Burning hot and steaming the mirrors in perfect time for Valentine’s Day. The New York based singer/songwriter released a pulse-pounding single that’ll have you gripping the sheets. Generous hits your ears like a hot breath and trails fingertips down your back. Perfect ambiance for tender biting and seeing stars.

Deep bass pumps through your blood and skin and resonates shockwaves through you. Move with it. Grab your partner tight and flow. Generous has the lyrics and hard rhythm to be featured in a Magic Mike sequel. Listen to it in the shower or in bed at night. Try it in the kitchen and turn the car stereo knob up as you slip out from under your buckled seatbelt. Or as Amber Mark said herself, the song is perfect for the strip club and a tea party.

“‘Generous’ is an introduction to a new realm of energy I’ve been working off of for some time now,” Amber says. “So happy we were able to make a song that feels both sensual and elegant. Perfect for the strip club or afternoon tea, get you a song that can do both hunty!”

Take it to the bedroom and drop the silk. Slip your necktie off and use it for other reasons as Amber Mark makes subtle hints at the Fifty Shades trilogy in Generous. The detailed intimacies add to the allure of her latest single. Amber Mark’s voice puts you in a trance and keeps you locked until the very end.

We’re not the only ones! Fans are gushing on twitter:

Amber Mark is on the verge of topping her wildly successful 2019 year with an even better 2020. Coming off the tail-end of the year with 100 Million total streams, the up and coming star has a confirmed slot at Coachella. Amber’s hit single Mixer was named one of the best NPR songs of 2019. Click the link to hear another one of Amber’s brilliant singles What If.

It’s safe to say Amber Mark is only getting warmed up. And by warming us up with her latest single Generous, fans won’t be able to get enough of her soon to be hit music this coming year.

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