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Merci Beaucoup To DJ Snake For These Made In France Remixes 🔥

Merci Beaucoup To DJ Snake For These Made In France Remixes 🔥

Have you ever heard a song that was so good that you just couldn’t get enough and you played it on repeat until everything else lost its meaning? Same. And by same, we mean every day here at THP. Our obsessions are never replaced and never fade away. They just expand to include more. Who needs food or sleep? Just give us more music.

Somehow, and we didn’t even know this was possible, DJ Snake has made us do that with three versions of the same song. Let’s stop and digest that. DJ Snake has made us obsessive over the same song three times. We already knew he was talented, but this is next-level, frens.

Made in France’ Wax Motif Remix

With heavy electronic rhythms, this remix highlights everything that Wax Motif (Danny Chien) is known for, namely music that will get you off your ass, on your feet and moving around on the dance floor like you own it.

‘Made in France’ Wuki Remix

This Wuki Remix though! But yo, before we get started, we wanna know one thing thing thing thing x a billion! This remix is next level with a totally different groove than anything we’re used to. You can see from this remix exactly why Wuki is Grammy nominated. We’re ready to hit the club (and repeat tbh)!

Made in France’ Nitti Gritti Remix

Fast, upbeat and clearly rocking its own stylings, the Nitti Gritti Remix is just another example of why he’s Grammy WINNING. Damn, son. You didn’t have to go this hard. (But you did, and we’re grateful!)

Things DJ Snake did: THAT.

How do you recover from that level of heat times three? SPOILER ALERT: YOU DON’T. It’s not often that someone says “You know what? That original was pure fire, but I bet I can do it again … with the same song … three times in a row … and everyone will love it.”

It’s no REAL surprise to us, though. DJ Snake has been shaking us to our core for a long time. His debut album was a #1 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart and he’s just been raking them in nonstop after this. Fully expecting these remixes to take spots one, two and three honestly.

But enough about what we think. Here at THP, we’re more interested in what YOU think. So let us know. Which remix was your absolute fave? Comment below or tweet us with a fire emoji 🔥 over on Twitter (insert shameless plug here: @TheHoneyPOP)!

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