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That Was The Good Place

That Was The Good Place

As of January 30, beloved NBC sitcom, The Good Place, aired its finale after a 4-year run, a truly original show about what happens after we die. The feeling is bittersweet but let’s look back at the goodbye we were given as we close the final chapter.

That Was A Wrap On Manny Jacinto

Before the finale, Manny Jacinto, who plays Jason, was interviewed by Elle about his time at The Good Place. He was asked, “What was your least favorite scene to film for the show?” to which he responded:

…the last scene I had to film. The scene itself was actually sweet…To hear the word ‘cut’…and for everybody to say, “That was a wrap on Manny Jacinto!” Yeah, it was a little tough.

Manny Jacinto on Elle’s Thirst Trap

Jason was our focus for the opening of the finale. He finally played the perfect game of NFL Madden with his Dad and the realization of his time coming to an end registers on his face. For us, the viewers, we realize this is the beginning of the end. After his announcement, Jason threw a traditional Floridian party and spent his final moments with the group. We then get an introduction to the final door, peaceful redwood forest and a woven branch door. Although when we first leave Jason, he does not enter the door. Only after waiting for Janet to give his final gift, do we say goodbye to Jason Mendoza in a sincerely sweet scene.

Name-dropping’s A Little Gauche, Michael

The next member to find eternal peace is Tahani. On a journey to complete a list of skills she wants to learn before moving on, she is told that her parents have finally joined her and her sister in The Good Place. Despite the tense relationship they had on Earth, the family beautifully reunited and spent the following days together. When the time comes to leave, Tahani realizes she neither wants to go nor stay. She gets the idea to work towards becoming an architect for the afterlife, helping people honestly.

For the first time, we see Tahani take action of her life through this finale. Doing things for herself and realizing the value of her efforts. She doesn’t lose the poshness of her sass but finds a new purpose to genuinely help others. Jameela Jamil leaves her first acting gig with the knowledge she did something spectacular.

The Medium Place

With the gang dispersing slowly, Michael realizes after the Afterlife Council dissolves that he has lost his purpose. In a moment of despair, he attempts to exit through the door and fails since he’s a demon. The judge grants him the ability to live the rest of his life on Earth and move through the system as a human being. Ted Danson is a seasoned actor and he has honestly reached excellence through his role as Michael.

As one of her final acts in The Good Place, Eleanor visits Mindy in The Medium Place to convince her to take the test. She wants her to find something more in her afterlife. Maribeth Monroe doesn’t appear often in The Good Place but the impact Mindy had was memorable. She and Tahani find their final purpose together as Mindy decides to move on knowing that Tahani will create her simulation. Seeing the creators complete storylines for the entire cast, especially Mindy, truly gave the audience necessary closure.

We Always Have Athens

Chidi and Eleanor’s endings were the high point of the finale. To distract Chidi from leaving, Eleanor takes him to his favorite places in the world. Of course, Chidi knows what she is trying to do. Their relationship has always flip-flopped between serious and goofy moments. The emotionally raw scene where Eleanor must let Chidi go is their most serious moment. With her final act of convincing Mindy to take The Good Place test, we follow Eleanor crossing into the next stage. Clear serenity is only left as it appears that she manifested into cosmic energy. Kristen Bell is mostly known as a high spirit actress, landing the best comedic scenes. Her role as Eleanor highlighted her range and shown a new path for her career. From PBS to Horror to a beloved sitcom, William Jackson Harper has changed many hats over the years. With the ending of this chapter, we only hope we get to see his musical talents make a reappearance in the future.

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That Was Your Life

Fittingly, the post-finale show is named after one of Eleanor’s hijinx plans. That Was Your Life, a show where Good Place residents shared their courageous life victories, is now the show where The Good Place cast share their stories. Hosted by Seth Meyers, the cast talk about their feelings towards the finale, working with the cast and crew, and how Eleanor, Chidi, Janet, Michael, Tahani, and Jason changed their lives. They end the segment with toasts, inspired by Amy Poehler, until the very last second. D’Arcy Carden brings us to tears with her heartfelt toast to Kristen Bell, already tearing up from Ted Danson’s toast to her. They gave life to a kooky crew of personalities but brought us a fresh look into the afterlife.

Our time in The Good Place felt short but it was a great 4 years. We hope to see more from the cast and creators. Tweet us @TheHoneyPop about your memories with the cast. Take it sleazy!

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