7 Times BTS ARMY Were Literal Angels, Just Like Their Idols

BTS has shown an authentic and touching message throughout their career, music, and philanthropy. They’re literal angels, and here’s how BTS ARMY has shown they are.

Supporting James Corden and Ashton Kutcher’s Charities as a thank you for Late Late Show appearance

After BTS appeared on the Late Late Show, ARMY donated to UK charity Magic Breakfast in honor of James Corden, who has been supporting this charity. It ensures that children from disadvantaged backgrounds can receive breakfast before school.

ARMY also donated to the charity Thorn, which was founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. This technology is developed to protect children against sexual abuse. This was a thank you gift to the hosts and guests for ensuring BTS had a great time and making them feel comfortable during the show.

Raising over $12,000 for support victims of Australian Bush Fires

ARMY in Australia led a fundraiser to support those affected by the Bush Fires. They raised an incredible amount for Red Cross, firefighters, and to adopt Koalas— just to name a few.

Donating blood in Seoul and Busan in honor of Jimin

ARMY based in Korea donated blood in honor of Jimin’s 24th birthday last year, in aid of the Korean Red Cross, Central Seoul Blood Bank, Busan Blood Bank, and Southwest Seoul Blood Bank.

And this wasn’t all! ARMY donated on behalf of Jimin to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Jimin’s first solo track ‘Promise.’

Raising $1m in less than a year for Love Myself #EndViolence Campaign

BTS launched the Love Myself campaign in 2018 to support UNICEF’s #EndViolence campaign, which garnered support from ARMY across the globe.

Launching a campaign in response to the fires in the Amazon Rainforest

Brazilian ARMY led a campaign to raise awareness regarding the Amazon Rainforest fires and the importance of Global Warming. The hashtag #ARMYHelpThePlanet encouraged ARMY to do what they could to help the environment.

Working together with Taehyung to find a blood donor for an ARMY’s grandpa

On the platform Weverse, an ARMY asked for help locating a donor for their grandpa. Taehyung happened to be online and commented to raise more awareness about this. It didn’t take long for a donor to be found.

Hosting Charity Projects Throughout the Year in Honour of BTS

We feel we couldn’t possibly continue without mentioning the wonderful One In An ARMY: a collection of ARMY who host and share charity projects across the globe. They aim to make the world a better place in any way they can.

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The latest campaign is for j-hope’s birthday this month; it supports the charity which ARMY feel are in line with his values and passions.

Through the transformative power of dance, @OutLookingIn inspire indigenous youth to pursue education, engage in self-expression, and celebrate empowerment with urban and hip-hop dance.

@OneInAnARMY on Twitter

One In An ARMY recently posted a rewind for 2019, and the achievements of ARMY to better the world have been incredible.

This list is far from enough to contain the vast amount of things ARMY have done and continues to do. Some have been captured in #ARMYAppreciationDay and an ARMY put together a Twitter thread to highlight some of these, which you can check out here.

BTS are set to release their latest album Map Of The Soul: 7 on February 21st. Keep up to date with BTS news here.

How angelic is BTS’s ARMY? Do you hope to join in on supporting charities and bettering the world? Comment your thoughts down below, or tweet us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: @bts_bighit, Twitter

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