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These Super Bowl Commercials Are A Scoop And Score

These Super Bowl Commercials Are A Scoop And Score

With Super Bowl LIV here, many are in anticipation of both the game and the multitude of great commercials that come with it. On game day, we are here to list the best commercial the Super Bowl has ever offered.

Well without delay, its time to kick off this list:

10. E*Trade Baby 2010 Commercial

E*Trade Baby 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

Starting off with this classic commercial from the 2010 Super Bowl we have the E*Trade baby. A great throwback to start off our list, this little gem that E*Trade gave us during the 2010 Super Bowl still leaves us chuckling nearly a decade later.

9. Old Spice “Nightmare Face” 2015 Commercial

Terry Crews Old Spice 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Terry Crews and Old Spice, a match made in commercial heaven. Old Spice is well known for their eccentric take on commercials with none wilder than this one from the 2015 Super Bowl. Crews gives a great performance with wilder and crazier set pieces as the frames move on. One of the wilder commercials Old Spice has created (and that’s saying something) this one definitely nails it through the uprights.

8. Rihanna 2016 Super Bowl Promo

Rihanna 2016 Super Bowl Ad

Rihanna. Stephen Colbert. Jim Nantz. These are just a few of the headliners that make up this 2016 Super Bowl Ad and it is a banger. Not many can hold their own against Rihanna’s piercing stare but Nantz does manage to pull it off. Colbert’s comedic chops are superb in this memorable commercial from the 2016 Super Bowl.

7. Skittles 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

David Schwimmer Skittles 2018 Super Bowl Ad

David Schwimmer sure has changed a bit since playing Ross on the classic TV show Friends, and this Skittles ad from 2018 puts that on full display. Through a series of four ads, Skittles teases which one is the actual commerical that will be seen during the game. Each one trying to outdo the next in a perplexing but laugh-inducing series of teasers that leaves us thinking about what is going through David Schwimmer’s mind while doing these commercials.

6. *NSYNC 2001 Super Bowl Commercial

*NSYNC 2001 Super Bowl Commercial

The throwback of throwbacks, this 2001 commercial featuring *NSYNC just screams of nostalgia. The simpler times when they ruled the airwaves are brought back in full force with this classic from the 2001 Super Bowl.

5. Best Buy Justin Bieber & Ozzy Osbourne 2011 Commercial

Justin Bieber & Ozzy Osbourne 2011 Commercial

The Prince of Darkness and Bieber. Put those two together and you’ve got a comedic combination that will make even the most stoic football fan laugh. A score from the 2011 Super Bowl, this commercial will have you reeling from Ozzy’s facial expressions to his confusion as to what a Bieber is are sure to make an unforgettable experience.

4. One Direction and Drew Brees 2012 Pepsi Commercial

1D and Drew Brees 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

2012, when even Drew Brees would take a backseat to 1D. In this culture clash ad, the gridiron meets the stage as legions screaming fans from both sides face off against each other. The result? A great back and forth battle that ends with Drew Brees taking the stage and stealing the spotlight.

3. Betty White Snickers Commercial 2010

Betty White Snickers 2010 Super Bowl Ad

Betty White. She needs no introduction and this ad from the 2010 Super Bowl is proof of that. A timeless commercial that still elicits laughs from anyone who views it shows off Betty White in all her irreverent glory.

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2. The 100-Year Game SBLIII Commercial

The 100-Year Game SBLIII

Where to start? The runner-up on our list is unbelievably stacked with talent from both current Hall of Famers to future ones, this commercial to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the NFL was an absolute touchdown in every sense of the word. Just sit back and enjoy.

1. Doritos, The Cool Ranch feat. Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X SBLIV Doritos Commercial

Sam Elliot, ageless legend. Lil Nas X, young king. These two together are pure magic and a combo that no one would have expected to happen. Doritos may have the biggest jackpot of Super Bowl commercials in a long time and this is why this showstopper tops our list.

Love our picks for best Super Bowl commercials? Can you think of any other classics we might have missed? Comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop, and visit The Honey Pop today!

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Featured Image Source: Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

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