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Taylor Swift Reminds Us There’s “Nothing Like Her” In Miss Americana

Taylor Swift Reminds Us There’s “Nothing Like Her” In Miss Americana


Taylor Swift opened herself up even more to us in her new documentary, Miss Americana, and we loved sharing the laughs, memories, and tears with the pop queen so much, you’ll have to pry the remote from our hands. 

Showing only on Netflix and in select theaters, Swift shows a side of herself most have never seen, an in-depth look and overview of her rise to fame and the many things she went through that made her into the strong, fierce songstress we have all grown to love. This documentary shows home footage, inner thoughts and behind the scenes of the life of Taylor Swift, some she thought would never even be shown to the world.

Taking us on a ride through her life in the public eye, her relationship with the media, her political views, and chats about her mother’s battle with cancer, this film shows Swift in a whole new light and reminds us exactly why we love her so much.

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Opening with her piano and a cat, the scene sums up shows Swift in a vulnerable place. In an interview with The Wrap, Director Lana Wilson mentioned how much access she had to Swift to get the footage needed to complete the film, “No one has ever filmed her in the studio before, and the interview I did with her at the beginning was the first interview she’d done in three years, so it felt very raw and fresh.”

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We even get a quick glance into Swift’s private romance with Joe Alwyn as they are shown cuddling after a concert, silhouettes in the grass and Swift serenading her ‘Lover.’ “We found a way to indicate the significance and the importance of her relationship in her life while respecting the privacy that she wanted to maintain with it,” said Wilson. 

With this documentary, we are taken on a journey of Swift’s self-acceptance, as she speaks on touchy subjects like too much dieting and how she had to shake the need to be loved by everyone. One of the biggest stands this film focused on was Taylor Swift’s political stance she took for the first time when she spoke openly on politics ahead of the mid-term elections. 

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Even though the election didn’t turn out as Swift had hoped, she was happy to know she empowered enough young voters that it made a dent in the number of signups to vote after her initial Instagram post.

Continuing to fuel that fire, an exclusive song, ‘Only the Young’ was featured in the documentary that gives people hope that there’s still time to make a difference.

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Breaking down stereotypes and “shaking off” the haters, Taylor Swift is the perfect example of following one’s dream and telling your story. Known for stirring up trouble wherever she goes it’s really just a strong woman, putting her foot down and speaking up for herself.  This documentary was important to not only fans but also Swift to give herself even more of a voice and show everyone what she stands for and how great of a young woman she’s become. 

Watch Miss American on Netflix and let us know what you thought in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!

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