We Are TOO Excited About TOO’s New Leader!

We Are TOO Excited About TOO’s New Leader!

Mnet’s World Klass debut group, Ten Oriented Orchestra (TOO), has chosen their new leader! After a two-parter leader vote, the n.CH Entertainment group came to their first huge decision!

In a 6 to 3 to 1 decision, Main Vocal Jaeyun was chosen as a leader! We’re so proud to see him take up as the leader. We hope to see TOO go far in Kpop when they debut! The boys also chose their team slogan, going with a remembrance from their days on World Klass. They promise “To Be World Class” as they are closer and closer to debut.

source: Youtube TOO Official

World Klass was a Mnet survival with 20 trainees, teaching them about teamwork and improving to be World Klass! The series took the 20 boys around the world (which is 3 cities to Mnet) and gave them missions, alongside some world-class mentors, to improve their skills in dance, vocal, rap, and acting. Their mentors were the likes of Lil Pump, Billboard Kpop journalist Jeff Benjamin, and LA Reid, who tested the trainees on everything they knew.

Though it was in the midst of internal Mnet issues and following the final trainee pick, a different scandal arose, the team is optimistic about their future! No debut information has been shared, but the boys are very active on social media across Twitter, Daum Cafe, Youtube, and VLIVE. Fans are always treated with their presence.

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