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#GFRIENDHASARRIVED Join Them At The Crossroads In Their Latest Comeback

#GFRIENDHASARRIVED Join Them At The Crossroads In Their Latest Comeback

We meet GFRIEND at the ‘Crossroads’ as they return with their first comeback of 2020, the title track featured on their new mini-album Labrynth. A heartfelt song with a dynamic story told through the music video, this is their first without choreography since their debut. If you’re interested in theories check out this video of the meaning of the Crossroads story.

At the press conference for the comeback GFRIEND discussed Big Hit’s involvement in the production of the album and the help and support they received since the company acquired Source Music last year. One thing BUDDYs appreciated was that though Big Hit were involved, the iconic GFRIEND sound remained and the creative direction stayed true to the essence of the group.

GFRIEND Opens Up About Support From Big Hit Entertainment And Bang Shi Hyuk For Comeback
Source: Soompi

After their comeback release, GFRIEND have been doing great in the Korean charts and abroad on the iTunes charts, another outstanding album from the group.

The music video also received over a million views in four hours, BUDDYs showing their support for the title track through their streams.

GFRIEND performed the song at their showcase, which they streamed online for the fandom to view, with staff cheering in the audience.

Known for their intricate choreography and wistful orchestral sound, they raised the bar once again.

Are you a Tiktoker? Have a go at the #CrossroadsChallenge! GFRIEND show us how it’s done.

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Labrynth features six tracks including the title ‘Crossroads’ which showcase the talents and abilities of the group, including the powerful, versatile vocals and the diversity within the musical style along with the iconic string instruments that make for a pleasurable listen.

What did you enjoy most about this comeback? What is your favourite track on the album? Drop us a comment down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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