Trevor Daniel Keeps Us ‘Falling’ With the New Remix Featuring Summer Walker

Trevor Daniel Keeps Us ‘Falling’ With the New Remix Featuring Summer Walker

Trevor Daniel continues to make his name know in the pop world, a path he’s been carefully making since his teenage years.  This time around he added some spark to an already hit song, ‘Falling’ by adding R&B singer Summer Walker on the pop ballad for the remix.

Adding a nice sultry feel to the track with her melodic verse, Walker turns the song into a duet as she dreamily sings, “Baby, I’m needin’ all your time/ Bae, I’m on your mind,” before the two share the chorus in the duet, making it the perfect anthem for heartbreak showing both perspectives of the relationship. 

This was the first remix of ‘Falling,’ with the second not far behind featuring blackbear, who’s twist on the song gives it a completely different feel than the one offering the female’s perspective. The ballad features a soul hitting downbeat, giving it a little hip hop flavor, and the trance-inducing vocal’s Daniel gives will have you vibing and feeling exactly as he interned for the feeling of the track.

Although released in 2018, the video-sharing platform TikTok gave this single a resurrection and moved it to the US Viral 50 where it hit number one, as well as thrown the track into the Top 40 in over 20 countries!

Take a listen to the ‘Falling’ remix, featuring Summer Walker below and tell us which version you prefer in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also talk to us over on Facebook!

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To Learn More About Summer Walker

Featured Photo: Trevor Daniel on Instagram

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