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Happy Birthday to Our Magical Miracle, Kang Taehyun

Happy Birthday to Our Magical Miracle, Kang Taehyun

It’s finally February and that means it’s time to celebrate our tiniest maknae, Kang Taehyun! It is his 18th birthday, and as much as we want to talk about 18 reasons why we love Taehyun, let’s talk about the top 3 reasons why we love TXT‘s mature maknae.

#1 He’s A Loving Best Friend

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source: Youtube TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL / edit: Twitter @code_th_txt

Taehyun is, as he says, a lovable person. Though he has very intimidating, model-like looks, our mini maknae is known by MOA for his adorable adoration for TXT members. He always cheers on the members and stares with love whenever they show off their skills, even if they crash his birthday live. But if there’s anything Taehyun is known for, it’s his overflowing love for Hueningkai! Whether it’s linking arms with him or having wholesome conversations, Taehyun loves with his whole body. We always look forward to seeing the two maknaes hang out because it means seeing them have ridiculous fun together! Taehyun has famously said no matter what, Hueningkai will always be an angel to him.

Taehyun always looks after Hueningkai, in Hueningkai’s words, “like an older brother and father.” Taehyun has shown so many moments where his height difference doesn’t affect his doting attitude towards him.

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source: Weverse Taehyun Moment

But, the two have a special relationship of course. There’s a reason Hueningkai sees him as so. Taehyun is always showing his … abundant care to keep Hueningkai in line 😂. Though he is always the target, Taehyun does it for his sake … sort of.

#2 He’s A Neverending River Of Talent

TXT are all dripping with talent, but many times have they not been surprised when Taehyun comes on top as Prince! Sometimes quite literally.

Taehyun is not only an amazing vocalist, rapper, and dancer, he’s also a boxer, magician, skateboarder, mathematician, and speaker??? It never ends for Taehyun it seems. Out of all his extra talents, his skills as a magician and a speaker have always wowed crowds. They come from the same origins, his childhood dream of becoming a wizard! Becoming the next heir of Ravenclaw seemed like a pipe dream to elementary-aged Taehyun, so it slowly developed into becoming a magician!

video source: JTBC Idol Room

He joined the magic club in elementary school and continued to improve his tricks. Through the demand of being a sly talker as a magician, his communication skills also improved beyond his years. He enjoys quote making and spends a lot of time thinking deeply. During his training, he also developed great English skills since he read many philosophy books in English, according to a 200116 VLIVE.

video source: JTBC Idol Room

He has a knack for variety as his ability to think cleverly on the fly has grabbed the attention of many viewers. Even when his replies are serious and said plainly, the timing and word choice always hit as a joke. If sarcasm was a language, it would be his 3rd.

#3 He’s A Shoulder For MOA

As TXT’s wisest member, Taehyun spends time talking to MOA about their concerns. He is known for random quotes that inspire MOA around the world. He once opened a chat between him and MOA on VLIVE to discuss their concerns and ask for his advice. Though there were many serious questions, Taehyun was open to some lighthearted ones. Including a MOA who asked for tips on how to grow taller, which he responded to ask Soobin, who is over 6 feet tall while Taehyun is 4 inches shorter since he would also like to know!

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His calm and direct conversations soothe MOA through VLIVE and Weverse. Taehyun has a set time where he answers MOA’s questions and responds joyfully to other content they share. He keeps his promise and is always predictably scrolling through Weverse before bed.

We met Taehyun when he was 16 and he has already grown to a handsome young 18-year-old. We wish him many good wishes for 2020!

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