Lute Releases The Music Video For ‘GED (Gettin Every Dolla)’

Lute Releases The Music Video For ‘GED (Gettin Every Dolla)’

If you’re a huge fan of the artists from Dreamville, you’d know that over the past two weeks, there have been commercials for their very own GED Card. What’s a GED Card, you ask? According to the three, fake advertisements, the GED Card is similar to a credit card; as said in the videos, “Finally a card for you broke-a** motherf*ckers!” Along with the videos, Dreamville & Dreamville artist Lute included a website dedicated to the soon-to-be-released single. We’re living for the creativity right now.

Check out the three commercials below:

The final commercial is a message from the CEO: Gold Mouf (Lute’s alter-ego). He thanks everybody for applying for the card before once again sending them to the website. Now we’re doing the same to you! Learn more about Gold Mouf’s GED Card and single here!

What’s on the website?

On the website, the first thing that pops up is the music video for the single and platforms to stream the single. Furthermore, it includes all three commercials and a link to apply for the GED card.

If you want to hear good rap paired with a creative visual, you can watch Lute in the music video for ‘GED (Gettin Every Dolla)’ below!

Throughout the track, Lute talks about his rise to success. and the visual fits in with the message creatively. The first scene features him on a horse, surrounded by an older, rich white family staring up at him in awe. The second scene is him playing chess with an older man. As Lute beats him in chess, the man holds up blue yarn that’s attached under his eyes. The third scene consists of him and other black men in their grad cap and gowns. All of them have a stack of cash; all of them end up posing with it as they take their pictures. The final scene is him on a bike around what appears to be lemon trees. Behind him are black men levitating to the sky.

Based on the scenes in the music video, it is simply describing achievement within black men. There were stereotypes of black men being broke or not having a work ethic, and he’s celebrating the rise above all of them. At one point, it wasn’t common for POCs to obtain such success.

What do you think?

At the end of the day, all forms of art are up to your interpretation! What do you think of the GED music video by Lute? What does it mean to you? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Interscope Records

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