Meet the Characters of Pixar’s ‘Onward”

Pixar has always been able to stand out amongst the crowd by creating captivating and unique characters for audiences to fall in love with. So far they’ve made us care about toys, fish, humans, cars, a cooking rat, our own emotions, and even bugs. With so many interesting and unique characters, it’s crazy that Pixar continues to create new and exciting characters year after year. 2020 is extra special for Pixar because they’re releasing two original animated films this year. The first of which is Onward which is set to premier in March.

Onward follows two teenage brothers as they go on a journey, or quest, to find out if there is still magic in their world. They’re hoping to find that magic still exists so they can complete a spell that would bring their father back to to life for 24 hours.

Now, that certainly sounds like a heartfelt story — which Pixar is also excellent at doing. And it creates an interesting world where magic once flourished and is now gone.

But what’s so unique about the characters?

Onward is carrying on Pixar’s tradition of groundbreaking characters by introducing us to the world of Elves.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “what’s so special about elves,” but I’m sure everyone said the same thing when they heard the premise of Toy Story. I mean really, what’s so special about toys?

Pixar has never failed us when it comes to captivating characters and they’re not going to start now.

Not totally convinced? Well, then let’s meet the characters of Pixar’s Onward.

Ian Lightfoot

Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Ian is the protagonist of Onward and the youngest member of the Lightfoot family. As the youngest member of his family, he never met his father who passed away before he was born.

Ian is the awkward and shy brother. He seems to be the type of person who keeps to himself and doesn’t like change or confrontation. We’d almost go as far as saying he’s a bit of an anxious character — just maybe not as anxious as Rex is in Toy Story. He is certainly still grieving the passing of his father despite never meeting him. His insecurity in himself stems from the fact that he never got to meet him. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t care about his world’s magical past.

From the trailer we learn that he likes hanging out with his brother and hates winged unicorns who eat trash.

Upon his 16th birthday his mother gifts him a magical staff that was left to him by his father. His father has also left him a note with a spell he created that promises to bring him back to life for 24 hours. Of course, things go wrong when he tries to cast the spell which sends Ian and his brother on a quest to fix the spell before time runs out.

In terms of appearance, Ian is not what you’d expect when you hear the world elf, aside from the fact that he has pointy elf ears.

Ian is voiced by Tom Holland in real life, who we all know and love from Spider-man: Homecoming.

Barely Lightfoot

Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Barley is the exact opposite of his younger brother.

He is very loud and excitable. It’s extremely obvious when he walks into a room because he commands that his presence be known. He is confident in himself and doesn’t care what other thing about him.

Barely remembers a time where his father was alive — though the memories are somewhat sparse. He does remember that his father’s beard was scratch and that his laugh was goofy. Like Ian, he misses his dad terrible and has complete faith in Ian’s ability to bring him back to life for 24 hours.

Barely is obsessed with his world’s magical past. He knows all about magical creatures and spells. He is also obsessed with the idea of going on a quest. Barley spends most of his time playing a role-playing game and is more concerned with the past than with the present.

He is extremely close to his brother and is often hyping him up. He definitely has taken on a fatherly role when in Ian’s life.

In terms of appearance, Barley is “rocker-type” elf. He’s large, has a beard, wears a beanie and a patch covered vest. Definitely sounds like a rocker to us! Barley also has a tattoo on his right biceps — making him the first main Pixar character to have a tattoo.

Barley is voiced by Chris Pratt, who we all know from Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation.

Wilden Lightfoot

Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Next up in our “Meet the Characters of Onward piece is Wilden, Ian and Barley’s father.

Truthfully, much of his character remains a mystery.

We know he has passed away but it is unclear of how he died. Our guess is that his death wasn’t unexpected since he had a gift and note saved to give to his boys when they both turned 16.

Similar to Barley, he was interested in his world’s magical past. It’s clear that he held some magical power himself since he was able to create a spell that would bring him back to life. Unfortunately, Wilden wasn’t able to pursue a wizard career and was instead an accountant.

Wilden will be in the film, though his legs will be the starring role of his character since the top half of his body is still missing. His defying characteristic in the film are his purple socks!

Wilden’s character was inspired by Dan Scanlon’s, the creator of Onward, own father. He is also the 6th deceased father in the world of Pixar films.

Laurel Lightfoot

Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Laurel is the mother of Barley and Ian.

She is a very kind and dotting mother. It’s clear that she loves her boys very much. Like her sons, she mourns the loss of her husband. She has risen to the task of being a single-mother and takes pride in both of her sons. Laurel seems to be more like Ian in that she’s a bit more laid back then Barley is.

After gifting the boy’s the magical staff, she doesn’t buy into this idea that her husband was a wizard. She reminds Barley that he was just an accountant.

When she learns that her sons have gone on a quest to complete the spell, she chases after them. She can’t bare the thought of something happening to them since they are her entire world. She is also extremely worried about them because she knows they don’t do well in a crisis situation.

Though it’s unclear at the moment, our guess is that she secretly hopes the boys can complete the spell so she can see her husband one last time.

In terms of appearance, Laurel has been compared to the Inside Out’s Sadness.

She is voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is no stranger to the world of Pixar. Julia previously voiced Princess Atta in A Bug’s Life.


Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Blazey rounds out the Lightfoot family as their beloved pet dragon. Though, she doesn’t seem to be a star in the trailers we’re certain she is going to win over our hearts.

Blazey is described as being kind, gentle, and friendly. She obviously loves her family, especially Ian who she jumps on when he returns home from school.

Instead of barking like a dog would, Blazey’s way of getting attention is by breathing fire.

We sure hope Blazey gets to be a star in Onward because we already think she’s one of the best characters!


Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Moving away from the Lightfoot family, we meet Corey.

Corey is a manticore, part lion, part bat and part scorpion. Corey is at least a thousand years old but that’s young for a manticore. They were once a fearless warrior and owner of a mysterious tavern that was a place to rest for travelers on their way to fulfill epic quests.

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Ian and Barley seek Corey out because Barley believes they’ll know where they need to go to complete the spell. The boys are surprised to discover that they has quit magic and now owns a family-friendly restaurant.

Corey fills the boys in on what they are looking for and where they can go to find it so that they can complete their father’s spell. When Laurel runs in to them, Corey realizes they forgot to tell the boys one important piece of information and sets out to help Laurel find the boys.

Aside from being a manticore they also are a great cook since they own their restaurant. Given their willingness to talk to the boys about the magical past it can be assumed that they miss the days when their world was filled with magic.

Corey is voiced by the Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer who you might know from The Help and Hidden Figures.

The Police Officers

Image Source: Disney/Pixar

While on their quest, the boys obviously get into trouble which leads to them interacting with a few different types of police officers.

Little is known about these Onward characters and so far we’ve only seen one in the trailer but we’re certain they will be important to the overall story.

First up is Gore who is voiced by actress Ali Wong (Always Be My Maybe). Gore is a faun police officer the boys encounter somewhere in their quest.

Next up is Specter voiced by Lena Waithe (Master of None). Specter is cyclops police officer who the boys will encounter.

Finally, there is Colt Bronco voiced by Mel Rodriguez (The Last Man on Earth). Colt is a centaur police officer who we encounter in the trailer for Onward. He has a close relationship with Laurel and hopes to rescue Ian and Barely and send them home safety. Unfortunately, disaster usually follows him everywhere he goes.


Image Source: Disney/Pixar

Lastly, we’d like to mention Guinevere, the van that belongs to Barely. He also refers to as the “mighty steed” from time to time.

Now obviously, Guinevere isn’t really an Onward character but we find her presence to be just as important as any of the other characters. In fact, it’s probably more important than Blazey is going to be!

Guinevere is the reason the boys are even able to go on this quest. We know she’s going to get them into trouble (like when she runs out of gas) but we also think she’s going to help them get out of a trouble too.

Guinevere has a special place in Barley’s heart since he built her from the ground up. Though she gives him trouble, he can’t bare to part with her. He’s especially proud of her crescent moon windows and the “Pegacorn” mural. In case youre wondering what a “pegacorn” is, it’s part Pegasus part unicorn duh!

Obviously, Guinevere is special to Barley and to the film itself. In fact, Guinevere is so special that she’s going on tour ahead of the film’s premiere. Guinevere’s Van Quest Tour started on January 27th at Pixar Studios and is slated to make 10 stops around the US. If you happen to spot her feel free to take pictures and maybe win some free merch and tickets!

Well, now you’ve met the characters from Pixar’s new film Onward. Are you ready to meet them in action? Good, then you should watch the official trailer!

What do you think? Are you ready to join Ian and Barley on their quest to bring back their father? Who do you think your favorite character will be? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Don’t forget to clear your schedules so you can join Ian and Barley on their quest when Pixar’s Onward hits theaters in March 2020.

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