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Dive into IKON with their 3rd Mini Album: iDECIDE

Dive into IKON with their 3rd Mini Album: iDECIDE

Our hearts flutter with IKON’s newest single ‘DIVE’, from their 3rd Mini Album iDECIDE. The YG Entertainment group comes back and keeps their road of a more trendy sound that has set them on a rampage. Even after the rough year, IKON rise once again bringing new flames of success.

Red Flames

Flashing between white and red, IKON dance through their new sound with a heart-warming melody. It speaks of bending to one’s love, a sacrifice for someone you care for. But it still leaves a bittersweet feeling for the most loyal fans. IKON’s new comeback is an expected flutter to our hearts, nonetheless, and this new era of the group is promising.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Since the announcement of the track list and writing credits, there have been many debates amongst iKONICs. The reason why YG Entertainment decided to still use B.I’s produced song as IKON’s new comeback is a question that we will probably never have a real answer for. But as the company proclaims, it was the easiest method for the group, and seeing as the song is not entirely from B.I, we will have to accept that. What remains is, though, more proof of the rapper’s talent as a producer, which has been one big key-point for IKON’s ascendance in success.

‘DIVE’ is essentially a refreshing song, with the characteristic hip-hop undertone and Bobby’s famous rapping style. The usage of chord instruments for the melody only adds detail and brings the song to perfection. All this combines to create a sound that is rarely seen in Korean boy groups these days. It’s a good balance, between the rough details that make IKON strong sounding, but also trendy and easy going.


A sneak peek at IKON’s original sound comes with the first track ‘Ah Yeah’. The song opens the album with a marching beat and guitar riffs with a characteristic strong sound. It has a dominant vibe to it, just like the group’s first steps in their career. On the other hand, ‘All the World’ and ‘Hold On’ set on a more up-beat pop, with flashes of 80s dance sounds one after the other. While the first one is energetic and generally happy, the second song tones down towards the presumable end of the album with a laid back tone, with clicks of fingers and cool ending.

The finale is marked by ‘Flower’, a sweet ballad worth of a movie scene. The song portrays deep lyrics which hint towards a goodbye. I was going to joke and say it’s the perfect song to dramatically look outside the window while riding the bus, until realizing the meaning these words may hold.

I hope the departing path brings no pain
Wish you continue smiling happily
Wish you never return to me even in my dreams

– Chan, FLOWER

Music Video

Image Source: The Honey Pop / YG Entertainment

Typical from YG Entertainment, the sets for ‘DIVE’s’ Music Video are well detailed even in their simplicity. Each one of them corresponds to the member’s challenges in the love they speak of through the lyrics. Showing sets that mirror red and white, IKON is notorious for highlighting the characteristic colors of the group. The end, as usual, shows the group hugging and celebrating – the hyping tradition some say – and proves that IKON remains strong, united, and with talented artists who will thrive even through hardships.

The choreography seems substantially complex, a part of the group that has been improving for a while now, so we can only expect a great deal from the performances.

At the end, it’s still a weird feeling. As fans, we cannot pretend that it’s fine, for the feeling of something missing will always be there. But, in spite of that, IKON remains an awesome group and this comeback proves just that.

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