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5 Things We Hope To Be Answered In Sex Education Season 3

5 Things We Hope To Be Answered In Sex Education Season 3

Season 2 has come and gone, just as Season 1. This season has brought many new faces, old and new relationships, as well as new challenges. But if there’s anything Sex Education has taught us, it’s that the creators have a steady vision for all their characters. We have gathered 5 plot lines we hope to see answered or addressed in Season 3. Spoiler alert! Season 1 and Season 2 will be talked about in detail, check out the series on Netflix before reading!

#1 What About Rahim?

Rahim is one of the new faces in Season 2. A French hottie foreign exchange student who makes plenty of waves at the school. But the only beach he wants to wash up on is Eric’s. To his surprise, Rahim gains an interest in him. Which slowly develops into a first date. This would be a highlight for his storyline … if it wasn’t for Adam. After being framed for drug use and getting kicked out of military school, Adam coincidentally gets a job in Rahim’s uncle’s shop. Cue Eric and Adam reconnecting and sneaking around at night. When Otis convinces Eric that being secretive with Adam is a toxic situation, they break off. But he realizes (thanks to his mom’s wisdom) that Rahim doesn’t make him feel whole.

At the season finale, Adam gets advice from his mom about how love sometimes hurts. In a very impulsive decision, he sprints to the school to disrupt the school’s … interesting rendition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It leaves Eric with a choice, embarrass Adam in front of the school or betray Rahim right in front of him. The season ends with the two running away from the play. What’s in store for Rahim as a character left behind? He is still very new and didn’t talk to many people outside the duo. What will happen to him as a person in their lives?

#2 How Will Jackson Continue?

Jackson turned into a very complex character from Season 1 going into Season 2. As the golden boy on the swim team, he was treated as the typical jock with a supportive home. But when he entered Maeve’s life, we see that picture crack slowly. Jackson has been suffering from anxiety for years and feels pressured by his mom. In Season 2, post-Maeve and feeling completely used by the adults in his life, we see him at his lowest. He drives himself to self-harm which brought him time to be Jackson, not Jackson the swimmer. Unfortunately for him, but thankfully for us, a new friend explained to his parents his need to self-harm and it opens a new passage in his life.

We were kind of lead to believe that Jackson would be the sole villain in this story as the jock who gets “everything,” but he was one of the best messages in this season. There are great challenges as a teen on the road to adulthood and sometimes, they do not get treated as growing humans, but as adults as soon as they are 16. Teens want to be treated as older but that treatment just goes too far. Ultimately, we’re very curious about how his story continues as a newly elated teen. We hope to see him and his family grow together. It might not be under one roof but as a unit.

#3 Who Will Be The New Headmaster?

Headmaster Groff, ex-Headmaster now, was always the butt of the situation in Sex Education. Incredibly behind, horrendously misinformed, and totally out of touch with his son. We see a bigger picture for him in Season 2, where Mrs. Groff files for divorce following advice from the school’s new sex education reformer, Otis’ mother. Isolating himself from home, becoming increasingly paranoid, hellbent on seeing the destruction of Dr. Milburn’s practices, he reaches a boiling point. Stealing Dr. Milburn’s notes, posting copies all over school, getting her fired over petty, sexist, poorly informed reasons, he thinks he’s won. No Milburn, Adam is doing his job, the school is in chaos but he doesn’t care.

Not until Adam crashes what was already an embarrassing time for him in front of the Chair of The School Board. It causes the final straw to snap and his official dismissment. With the school in chaos, who will fill in? What does it mean for the students? Presumably, the new Headmaster will not play any games, given the reputation the school has built. Safe to say, this new position being open will lead to new hurdles.

#4 Will Dr. Milburn Keep The Baby?

Dr. Jean F. Milburn, the root of this series’ shenanigans, is known to be feisty. Up till her meeting with Jakob, her life was filled with fleeting intimacy. But she felt something scary and different with him. They couldn’t ignore their feelings ultimately and the two end up together at the end of Season 1. In Season 2, they are exclusively seeing each other … secretly. Neither child knows about it, awkward to say when those children are also dating. But the cat is out of the bag, the four find it difficult to manage.

Jean eventually also finds it difficult to manage. Her life feels invaded as Jakob leaves pieces of him every in her house, especially when he is disruptive of her sexual education classes. They end up fighting and taking a break. In that break, her ex-husband, Remi, shows up unexpectedly. Under a guise that he wants to take Otis out on a trip, but he cheated on his current wife and is escaping. It’s a no-brainer that the two have some leftover electricity. Which explodes and brings them to make out. Jean is regretful and Jakob cuts them off. Later, with some discomfort, Jean visits a doctor who informs her that she is pregnant. By the time the season ends, she has yet to break the news to Jakob upon connecting again. Having their relationship in the throttle, this new development can cause new strain between Otis and Jean. New boyfriend, new clinic problems, new Maeve problems, how can Otis handle it? And how will Jean handle this feeling she hasn’t gone through in 16 years? We hope to see a new dynamic in the Milburn household with a baby on the way … hopefully on the way.

#5 Will Maeve and Otis Find Each Other Again?

We end the season once again with turmoil between the pair. Maeve begins out of school, working to support herself with her brother once again running off. Otis is peacefully dating Ola … as well as discovering himself … physically. While Otis gets into a mid-teen crisis, Maeve is faced with her disappearing mom evading her abusive boyfriend. She is slow to trust her as she is known to lie. Maeve also gets new characters in her life in the form of her new neighbors Isaac, a disabled teen, and his brother, Joe. Isaac butts himself into her life with many crude remarks and a sense of camaraderie as two people who have been abandoned.

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Otis and Maeve eventually constructed the clinic back together and continued taking clients, unknowingly getting competition from his mom’s unintended sex advice center. But Ola senses that Maeve was lying about her feelings towards Otis and Maeve realizes she was lying to herself. Through several misunderstandings and drunk rants, the two made their feelings very clear. Ola eventually goes off and woos Lily, the sex-obsessed alien tentacle queen, and Otis and Maeve slowly find their way back. Their relationship was sealed … until a jealous and overly worried Isaac “protects” Maeve by sending Otis away when he comes to talk and deleting the heartfelt confession off her phone. The two boats in the harbor pass each other in the night for the second time. Will Season 3 be the beginning of two seasons of missing each other or will the pair once again end with nothing to take out of it? Will Isaac successfully get together with Maeve or will he be seen for the jealous person he is?

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