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Oh Wonder Are Here To Remind You That ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’

Oh Wonder Are Here To Remind You That ‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’

Our fave alt-pop duo Oh Wonder has finally released their latest album, No One Else Can Wear Your Crown, and we’re here to let you know our faves and stand-out tracks from what is most certainly a diverse, fun and beautifully put together effort! 



The perfect introduction to the rest of the album ‘Dust’ makes you think. Oh Wonder has truly mastered the ability to make their audience look at things differently and reflect more. ‘Dust’ does this while almost making you feel like your in a blissful dreamlike state and it’s simply wonderful.


Happy‘ is a song we have spoken about before and are extremely blessed to speak to you about again. The message of being ‘Happy’ for an ex because they have moved on is not something we can all do. But realize that when we can do this that we also can move on is powerful. Also, if you have not seen the amusing video paired with the song we highly recommend you do!

Better Now

A song of well-wishing and hope, ‘Better Now’ is a great song to listen to when you have been through a hard time. It is also a great song to send to a loved one who has had it tough recently. It feels like a song of empowerment, love, and strength, something we all need when we have been through a rough time.


This is a fun-filled melodic track with some reflective thought-provoking lyrics. ‘Hallelujah,’ like its track name is celebratory and anthemic in the message of self-acceptance. It is truly a beautifully uplifting and motivational song that we all need to hear at some point in our lives.

In And Out Of Love

‘In And Out Of Love’ is a ballad style track which truly feels like a heartfelt moment of true love and gratitude that Oh Wonder has for each other. As well as being a band duo, they are also a couple, and you can feel the passion and adoration in this song. It left us with goosebumps, ngl!

How It Goes


This track has a jazzy vibe that we are living for, the simplistic yet mesmerizing piano sets the tender tone of the song while the use of brass has an uplifting contrast. It’s a song that you can easily unwind too or slow dance too with that special person in your life.

Drunk On You


This song is SO good! The punchy rhythm of the track, when paired with the relatable lyrics, makes this the pop-packed bop of the album. Lyrically it is a song many of us will identify with and musically will have you toe-tapping and wanting to dance. We truly dig this track, and it may be our absolute fave of the entire 10 on this compilation!

Nothing But You


We’re loving the tempo changes on ‘Nothing But You.’ The pace change is somewhat how the roller coaster of love can feel. Which, if this was deliberate in its production, was a genius decision to make. This song is a journey of love and passion, and the musicality is just awesome!

I Wish I Never Met You


We all have self-doubt and this song encompasses this and brings insecurities we all have to the surface. Showing the toxicity others can have on us and how it can change us as an individual. The strings in the chorus provide a level of emphasis on wishing you never met the people who brought the negativity into your life. This song is a whole MOOD, and we’re here for it.



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The closing song is so fitting, it’s a song where the pair tell each other they are each other’s home. It’s soulful, moving, amazing, and displays a true love story. Our hearts are warm, and we stan so much!


While each song has something special that allows them to each have their moment, it is safe to say we certainly have our faves on this collection. ‘Happy’ for sure has been a song we have not been able to get enough of for a while now. The message in ‘Hallelujah’ is SO important yet catchy as hell at the same time. Out of the album tracks we had not heard before the album release, we would have to say that ‘In And Out Of Love’ is so pure and makes us love the duo even more. We are also really vibing with ‘Drunk On You,’ it’s relatability and the punchy pop beat mixed with the infectiously catchy lyrics make this the pop bop of the album!

Have you listened to the album yet? Do you stan Oh Wonder? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know!

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