The New Music Video for ‘Me & You Together Song’ is the Throwback We Didn’t Know We Needed

The 1975’s new music video for ‘Me & You Together Song’ is finally out. If you thought the song sounded nostalgic in a certain way, well maybe the video can explain.

The 90s Vibe

Directed by Bedroom, we’re thrown into a 90s-esque bedroom perfected with a CD player and everything. Lyrically, we know the song is talking about being in love with someone, and the video reinforces that.

We continuously see shots of two people together. The very beginning of the video shows a few individuals who are alone but for whatever reason, everyone ends up with someone.

The 90s throwback also goes along with the lyrics that take us back to young love. I’ve been in love with her for ages / And I can’t seem to get it right. Being in love with someone for a long time is relatable for sure, we get the feels and understand them.

The 1975‘s music video for ‘Me & You Together Song’ shows us the best of young love and what it meant to be young. The scenes we see look like the best party ever. Matty Healy is in the middle of it all singing his heart out, which we can’t deny is one of the best parts of the whole video. 😌

Bring On the Old Fashioned House Shows and Parties

Everyone in the band is shown in the bedroom we had when we were teens. With posters on the walls and vinyl albums all over the room, the band is front and center, giving the performance of their life.

The party scenes we see are the parties we’d escape to in high school or college for some fun. Almost none of the video gives a sad vibe, like we may be able to find in the lyrics. With the love and fun scenes, you can sort of forget the lyrics and dive into a world of party and youth.

One of the best parts for sure is the ending of the music video. It’s joyous and happy. It’s kind of right when you’re thinking about how the video was shot and are shown a well put together set.

The 1975's new music video 'Me & You Together Song' still.
Image Source: A still from Bedroom’s ‘Me & You Together Song’ music video

We absolutely love the music video. The 1975 gave us graphic tees, CD players, bright pink bedrooms, posters all over the walls, and so much more. We’d explain more but won’t because then it would just be spoiled.

And if you’d love to see The 1975 live, then this is perfect! They will basically be on tour until November. They recently just announced the North American leg of the tour too! With some appearances in festivals here and there, including the album drop in April, The 1975 content is not going to stop anytime soon.

See Also

So, if you want some trippy shots and a lot of Matty then watch the video. You can thank us after!

Did you watch? You did, didn’t you? Wbk. What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments belor, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

You can click here if you want to catch up on your reading of The 1975!

For More Information on The1975:

Featured Image Source: A still from the audio-video of ‘Me & You Together Song’

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