Celeste Adds Fuel To The Fire With Her ‘Stop This Flame’ Music Video!

Celeste Adds Fuel To The Fire With Her ‘Stop This Flame’ Music Video!

British soul artist Celeste has now released the music video for ‘Stop This Flame,’ and it fits so perfectly with the vibe of the song. The song itself is a piano-driven R&B song with smooth, strong vocals. Now how do you imagine a music video would capture that? Well, in the video, Celeste is joined by To Be Continued Brass Band and all-female military dance troupe Diamond Girls. Plus a bunch of people dancing around in the street, in total New Orleans fashion.

No matter how my music evolves, jazz will always be a key influence for me, and New Orleans is the home of Louis Armstrong, drummer Ed Blackwell (known for his work with Ornette Coleman), Dr. John and many more. It was important for me to go to what feels like the source of so much that inspires me, to embrace that energy and try to capture it in the moment.


The video was shot last month, and was directed by Leonn Ward. Here’s what Leonn had to say about the video:

When I first heard the track I wanted to jump on it straight away. The brass band and the second line represent community, unity, and strength. The Diamond Girls stood for women, for us – I researched a lot into all-women military groups during WW2 and took inspiration from their powerful forms and statues. The kids represent youth, and the innocence of it. The final set up is the drone shot, the circle of unity, which is dedicated to Black Lives Matter and respect to this incredible movement.

Leonn Ward

The whole concept of the story of the video is amazing and we recommend you go check it out! It’s power, it’s unity, and you can’t stop it just like you cant ‘Stop This Flame’ that Celeste has.

So do you love the video? Are you wanting to dance around the street and have a nice neighborhood of people sitting on your porch to sing? Sounds good to us! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

To Learn More About Celeste:

Featured image source: Image from video for ‘Stop This Flame’

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