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Killer-Apps In This Countdown Horror Movie Review

Killer-Apps In This Countdown Horror Movie Review

Have you ever thought, what would you do if you had only a few days, hours or minutes to live? Horror movie Countdown can’t give you a personal answer, but it’ll have your blood pressure hitting the ceiling!

The film stars Elizabeth Lail, known for her role in the Netflix psychological thriller You. Up and coming Riverdale actor Jordan Calloway takes the stage alongside Lail, as well as Talitha Eliana Bateman known for her tremendous acting skills in Anabelle: Creation and Love, Simon.

Countdown, written and directed by Justin Dec is a great movie for a dark Halloween evening with friends. Just be careful. Be wary. No friends of yours should force you to download the Countdown app. The sinister circuits can predict the exact date, hour, minute and second of your death. Take a moment to appreciate the frightening fact this app is a reality and is available for download today.


The movie tells the story of nurse Quinn whose patient is terrified by an app that predicts his own death. Stirring this fear, the app successfully predicted the patient’s girlfriend’s death too. The young women in this film think of it as a joke, as one big game. But when things get serious there’s no way back. The Countdown, haunted-killer – app is downloaded and her date is set. Quinn needs to do the impossible and change her own destiny to win the race with death.

Reviving classic horror tropes and pushing aside cheap jump scares, this movie features plenty of tense moments. You’ll finish your popcorn, but won’t even think about getting up to get more. You’ll be glued to the seat, eyes fixed on the screen, heart pounding. Consider it a blessing your popcorn bucket is empty, because when the scares hit you won’t make a mess in your living room!

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Countdown shows us the influence social media and phone apps play in our lives. Teenagers are always looking for new and interesting things to try, the more adventurous the better, all while failing to realize the dangers posed by peer pressure and dares.

If you’re a fan of Truth or Dare (2019), Anabella, Final destination, Unfriends: Dark net, then you will love this one too. Don’t let IMDB reviews scare you! Check it out for yourself. Who knows, you may fall in love!

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