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‘No Shame’ Music Video Turns Fans into Theorists

‘No Shame’ Music Video Turns Fans into Theorists


The new 5 Seconds of Summer music video was definitely unforgettable. Full of color, characters, and clues to a deeper meaning of the song we’re sure. The band has been pretty cryptic lately, especially ahead of the release of this new video.

Drummer, Ashton Irwin, made everything even more mystifying when he posted this on twitter.

This captionless post sent the 5SOS Fam into a frenzy of theories, picking apart each piece of the video to understand the meaning and how it could possibly relate to these four pictures. And we have found some of the wildest ones on Twitter.

Some Fans Think the No Shame Video is About the Entertainment Industry and Being a Celebrity

Like this ones comparing the angel mentioned in the song to the music industry controlling things.

Or this thread saying it portrays the toxic nature of being a celebrity.

Many also agree it could be about the “expectation fame has put on them.”

Continuing With the Theories on Fame, Some in the Fandom Perceive it to Be About Living in the Spotlight

Could it be about how some will do whatever is necessary to have the spotlight on them?

Or doing dumb things like Logan Paul “to get a reaction. “

Fans Are Even Beginning to Link Previous 5SOS Videos Together

Like the ‘No Shame’ video being linked to the ‘Lie to Me’ video.

And this theory connecting it to the lyrics in ‘Easier.’

The fandom is sure to speculate all the possible theories in the new music video until the band drops more hints into what it was actually intended to represent.

What are your theories on the new 5SOS music video for ‘No Shame?’ Let us know and tweet us @thehoneypop or tell us on Facebook!

Looking for more 5SOS content? Well, you’re in for a treat.

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Featured Image Source: 5 Seconds of Summer via YouTube

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  • The MV No Shame shows offensive representation of women but no one mentioned thag before. They show women with much make up in a negative way which is a way of offending female bodies as well. The woman is represented as objectified which is highly disturbing. Tve fans and writers protect 5sos since they are famous, they never mention the misogynous depiction of women in “No Shame”, which comes from fear and jealousy of men towards pretty women wearing make up. Women can wear make up as much as they like and men even celebrities are not to tell women what to look like. By what they did, 5sos shamed the female body, as fans know well 5sos are involved into MV making and everything else is an excuse. Telling those facts instead of protecting male artists in rape culture of music industry would be appreciated.
    Doctor in Gender Studies,

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