BTS Showcase As White Swans With Elegance For Their Comeback’s First Concept Photos.

BTS Showcase As White Swans With Elegance For Their Comeback’s First Concept Photos.

Pushing us towards the upcoming comeback, BTS pull the strings of our hearts with the first group of concept photos. They seem to keep the common theme as their first single, now showing their beauty in white clothing and feathers. The only thing missing seems to be the wings, because elegance and perfection are already on full display by the BTS members.

The pictures were released at midnight KST, on February 10th and belong to the very first set of concept pictures that will portray as teasers for the upcoming album MAP OF THE SOUL:7. Also, they consist of 8 units, with one group photo and seven others for each individual member. Lastly, these will be the first out of four ‘concept photos’ sets, all being released through the next week — as if our hearts weren’t already bursting from the first.

  • You can consult the full schedule of releases here.

BTS concept photos clearly showcase each member’s beauty and serenity with contrasted light and shadow; while sitting around the dark hole on the floor. Big Hit Entertainment reveals that the intention behind the concept portrays that the swans “desire perfection”.


BTS have already released two solo songs, and Interlude and a Comeback Trailer, along with the first single of the album ‘Black Swan’. MAP OF THE SOUL:7 is set to be released only on February 21st, but the album already broke records with over 4M pre-orders. Make sure to get your album, because BTS are set to deliver another great masterpiece.

BTS have also already revealed their first performance for Black Swan on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Watch it below!

Also watch ARMY reactions and theories over these works of art:

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Featured Image source: BigHit Entertainment

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