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We Will ‘Still Be Friends’ With G-Eazy After The Drop of This New Single

We Will ‘Still Be Friends’ With G-Eazy After The Drop of This New Single

Multi-platinum selling artist G-Eazy just dropped a new track. Titled ‘Still Be Friends’ it features Tory Lanez & Tyga, and produced by Foreign Teck. It released on YouTube on February 6th, 2020, but is also available on Apple Music for download.

He started his musical journey in 2008 to the present day. His genre includes Hip-Hop, alternative Hip-Hop. Beginning as a record producer, he began working on singles while attending the Loyola University Of New Orleans alongside his producer Christopher Anderson.

He starred in Hustlers alongside stars Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, and many more. Adding to his many qualities, he’s becoming a bigger star by the minute as he creates a diverse fan-base.

G-Eazy Dancing
Source: Gify

During 2019 G-Eazy spent his time cleaning out unreleased tracks as a B-sides project. He surprised fans with his release of EP Scary Halloween Nights. Also known as the B-sides album, released on June 27th, 2019. It included all the songs that did not make it to his upcoming album. Things To Happen is expected to be released later this year.

This turned out to be a well-anticipated song from G-Eazy, and with the release of B-sides, this left fans wanting more! Now that “Still Be Friends” has been released, we are certain there’s going to be an album to go with it!

‘Still Be Friends’ G-Eazy ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga

“Still Be Friends” is the newest song to drop from G-Eazy. Solidifying dope rapping, with the hip-hop beats and cheeky lyrics. This song will sure be played at parties and clubs alike. It even has the potential to become the next TIKTOK trend! We can only imagine the dances that will go with this, and let’s be real they are going to be just as amazing as this song.

His single features some mature lyrics, that we’ve all related to time or to vibing with ‘Can we F**k and still be friends?” The single also features the style of Tyga and Tory Lanez. ‘Still Be Friends’ is a sure hit, with catchy beats, and dope lyrics. We are sure this will be a fan favorite for years to come! It’s a laid back song you can bob your head to, also dancing to this would be easy.

With this song, we can only imagine what his album will be like! I mean it’s going to be fire just like this track! We look forward to hearing the rest of his album! Now excuse us while we go and dance to this.

source: Gify

With his latest track, it’s the first of his music to be released in 2020. He started the year off on the cover of GQ Italia’s January Fashion Issue! This cover was also a feature on their Instagram page. Starting off the year with a cover debut, and a new single, we are sure hoping for an amazing 2020 from this Hip-Hop Star!

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You can listen to his latest song on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, as well as Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and Soundcloud. Go give it and listen and show G-Eazy some love on his social’s, you can find them below.

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