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Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

The Honey Pop wanted to make sure that our loyal metal-heads were getting their fair fill of hardcore, post-hardcore, metal, etc. So we have devised a plan, and we’re calling it ‘Metal Mondays’! Our team brainstormed the creation of this compilation of artists. Making sure that this genre was getting the love it deserved, all in one place!

Metal Mondays will provide you with all things Metal. All the news, releases, tour announcements, and reviews you can dream of!

Up first, on our list..

Life Itself


Who does melodic hardcore better than New Jersey? That’s right, no one. We ride for New Jersey Hardcore, and that’s precisely why four-piece Life Itself landed themselves on our list. Life Itself is Sean Hester (vocals), Joe Libraro (drums), Nick Kazuba (guitar), and Cliff Clifton (bass). Focusing in on their newest single ‘The More You Love, The More You Lose’ recorded at Graphic Nature Studio, we can’t help but have high hopes for this group. Raw lyrics that bluntly cover crucial topics like depression, suicide, and abuse have made them a group that people WANT to listen to their jams. Creating conversations of typically taboo subjects, they have shown that they are not afraid to talk about things important to them. 

With 2020 brings new power-jams from Life Itself, with a fresh take of emotion-filled metal and hardcore. Speaking the the single, the band said, “Our music has always brought awareness to depression and mental health. But with this single, specifically, we look at the darkest side of it when it looks like all hope is lost.” 



This one is undoubtedly a different speed, but we think they deserve a spot here, just like everyone else. Straight from St. Louis’ Discrepancies hits us with the release of ‘Control.’ Fans of artists like Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, and Tech N9ne, Discrepancies delivers a uniquely styled mashup of rap, alt-rock, metal, and other genres to generate an extraordinary sound. With an energy that tears the roof off, we are VIBING heavy. The best part is this is the first single off their highly anticipated album due out this spring!

Plus, the apparent vibes of the music video are elements straight from a better time in our lives, the Tony Hawk Pro-Skater Era. This song connects perfectly with the time, and we felt like we were back in our hay-day.



SHVPES boogied onto our radar for many different reasons, but our favorite has to be for their latest video release for new single ‘Hot Head.’ Second, comes the fact that they will be performing this song and others on the ShipRocked Festival 2020. If you’re intrigued by this little festival, well, we’re on the same page. A 5-day, rock-fueled cruise that is traveling between New Orleans and Mexico, SHVPES has us already onboard without even knowing the full lineup. 

This single, in particular, grabs from the theory that even though people can appear absolutely fine, behind the scenes can be a whole different story. We all know that we can relate to that. The band notes that musically it was a big step for these heavy rockers as they step into a more solidified direction. Although always eclectic in their writing approach, ‘Hot Head’ has allowed them to find their own. 

Kill The Lights


Skin.’ This song elaborates on the idea of accepting yourself the real you and being comfortable with who that is. Singer James Clark shares “It’s about understanding that we are all broken and we are all flawed. We need to stop struggling in silence and need to reach out and ask for help before it’s too late.” Dealing with struggles of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses can make some days close to unbearable. But focusing on making these topics more natural to talk about it a primary goal for this song.

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As the lyrics say, “I’m not bleeding. I’m just broken and ready to shed my skin.’ We are all the same — I am you.” Popping us a swift one right in the feels with lyrics like this, and providing riffs that make us wanna fight, we are ready for all that is in store

Ego Kill Talent


Brazilian Band Ego Kill Talent releases new single ‘Now’ from their second full-length album to be released this spring. Known for their soul-rocking live performances, Ego Kill Talent is made up of Jonathan Dörr (vocals), Jean Dolabella (drums, guitar), Raphael Miranda (drums, bass), Niper Boaventura (guitar, bass), and Theo Van Der Loo (bass, guitar).

The cool thing about these dudes is that they have made waves by building a beyond impressive touring history. Sharing the stage with bands Queen of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Shinedown, and more! The even COOLER thing, they are known to quickly trade off instruments among themselves mid-set to make for a spectacular performance. Uniting heavy music with pop ambition, they create a universal appeal. If you love killer level power riffs, their new single might just make your day.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time

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Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop Graphic Team

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