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‘The Greatest Of All Time’: New Found Glory

‘The Greatest Of All Time’: New Found Glory

Yup, They’ve still got it. It’s not easy for a band to stay relevant as long as New Found Glory has, but they prove themselves time and time again. This time, it isn’t any different. Now over here at The Honey Pop, we are some real OG’s (original gangsters for you young bucks). So we’ve been following this band since the early days. Not only because their ‘Self-Title’ the coolest shit to bump in your Walkman, but for a vast amount of reasons.

If you’re new here, buckle up cuz’ we are about to give you a crash course. New Found Glory is made up of fly fellas Jordan Pundik (lead vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass guitar) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). Mashing up punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore with melody and emo lyrics, it’s no wonder we fell in love so quickly. Now, we get a full ass 15-song album, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Album Art for New Found Glory
Photo Source: New Found Glory Official Instagram

Naturally, we are also jumping on the scene as they announced their TENTH studio album Forever + Ever x Infinity, and the killer single “Greatest Of All Time”. Of course, a title like that makes sense, considering NFG is well, one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Forever + Ever x Infinity is said to be a classic NFG record. Meaning it’s stacked with supremely catchy can’t help but sing-along anthems, trademark breakdowns, and perfect amounts of poignant lyrics.

After 20+ years of being a band, they’ve done us proud. With ten studio albums, a live album, two EPs, and four cover albums. New Found Glory has never strayed from the path of delivering us tunes. Tunes about going against the odds, and getting up after life pushes us down time and time again.  

We’re Thirsty …

Us die-hards can quench our thirst for music from pop-punk legends as they’ve released a video for their anticipated single. ‘Greatest Of All Time’ dives into love, ups and downs of life, and overcoming fear to keep us going when things go wrong. Providing lyrics that remind us life is difficult, but these challenges make us stronger, and the celebration of life’s triumphs makes everything worth it. NFG are the friends we’ve always needed, and always make us feel understood.

Gilbert reinforces this fact by sharing that This is the record our fans have been waiting for us to make.” Forever + Ever x Infinity is due out May 29, 2020 via Hopeless Records available for pre-order here

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