DIONYSUS trends worldwide as BTS take their #ThirdLookInto7

We join BTS to take a #ThirdLookInto7 in a new set of concept photos, revealed in the run-up to Map Of The Soul: 7. The album is set to release on February 21st and we can’t wait.

BTS express their “sense of calling and will” in photographs on a dynamic set which ARMY feel resemble the Dionysus theme, featured on their previous album in the series, Map Of The Soul: Persona.

The response has been awesome and includes a range of memes, theories, along with links to Kingsman and Dionysus which caused the latter to trend worldwide because of how much buzz there has been around the theme.

ARMY with keen eyes delved deeper and spotted some potential links between previous videos and the fictional Bangtan Universe.

The last dark concept was almost two years ago with Fake Love era and the Love Yourself: Tear release, the following two comebacks being more colorful and bright. The concept photos for the upcoming comeback definitely hold a darker theme…both metaphorically and literally, the imagery a lot more shadowed.

Following the format of some of the theory tweets, ARMY highlighted Jimin‘s love for Chanel branded accessories and clothing, perhaps hinting that the fashion brand should sign him up already as he is pretty much unofficially representing the brand.

With one more set of concept photos left before the tracklist is revealed, we’re excited and curious to see what approach will be taken for the next concept theme! The full comeback schedule is here.

What theme are you expecting for the last set of concept photos? Which theme is your favourite so far? Drop a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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