SHIFT over as Pirate Kings ATEEZ follow the Map To Answer!

SHIFT over as Pirate Kings ATEEZ follow the Map To Answer!

In light of their first Korean comeback of 2020, Pirate Kings ATEEZ had their first Japanese comeback Map to Answer. The album dropped at midnight worldwide, featuring ‘Answer’ Japanese version, two new tracks ‘Declaration’, ‘Better’ and three brand new remixes!

Can you spot the difference between the Korean and Japanese versions of the Answer music videos? Try your luck below.

Since release, the album entered Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart at #1, a promising sign of their impending global success.

ATINY shared their reactions to the album and each track, praising the group and their company’s producers. The range in style is very diverse and ATEEZ isn’t afraid to try different genres and musical styles.

The Fellowship World Tour began this month in Seoul and we can’t wait to hear their latest tracks performed on stage.

The first two concerts on the tour were emotional for the group, as it was that first shows after the release of their light stick, which was designed by an ATINY. The name was voted for and the group announced the winning result, furthering the connection between them and the fandom.

After the success of their first tour in 2019, we’re so excited about this tour. ATEEZ continue to prove their Monster Rookie title.

What’s your favourite track on the ATEEZ Map To Answer album? Drop a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: KQ Entertainment

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