Big Hit Announces Future Plans And New Updates! Here’s What’s in Store For Your Faves…

Big Hit Announces Future Plans And New Updates! Here’s What’s in Store For Your Faves…

On February 4, Big Hit held the Big Hit Corporate Briefing with the Community at DDP, Seoul to reveal its achievements over the past year and present the blueprint of its business for 2020. Presenters included Big Hit Co-CEO Bang Si-Hyuk and Lenzo Yoon, leaders of concerts, IP and platform businesses, as well as Big Hit’s multi labels SOURCE MUSIC and Belift. We’re here to give you the rundown on what it means for ARMYs, MOAs, Buddies, and now Carats.

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BTS ARMY Get Upgraded

As Big Hit’s global giant, BTS has seen a lot of changes over this past year. As they rise, ARMY rises with them. The Big Hit CEOs discussed how their new platforms have gotten them closer to ARMYs. With the launch of Weverse in June and BTS’ joining June 30th, ARMY were given a more intimate and accessible app. While it is still improving as a service, the members have certainly enjoyed using it. Another new addition is the ARMY Fun Zone. Launching at 6th Muster in 2019, the Fun Zone was a way for ARMY to spend the day at the venue as if it was a festival. Since all events are seated, ARMY spent the day playing and enjoying themselves. The company hopes to apply this new feature to their upcoming world tour. The production team, the comedy minds behind Run!BTS and To Do X TXT, has also gotten a new project with the language learning program, “Learn Korean with BTS”. They will use Run!BTS clips and other content to teach ARMY the joys of Korean. The program will eventually be extended to other artists under Big Hit Labels, first starting with BTS in March 2020. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life gets a revival through 5 graphic art books, creating a new beautiful moment for the most beautiful era in their careers.

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source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

The company also opened the House of BTS, a pop-up shop with a collection of new BTS characters and merch. The characters are cute chibi renditions of the members and they are shown doing performances of their famous songs. During the corporate briefing, a teaser video was shown of the figurines dancing along to the 2017 track, Mic Drop. We are especially excited about the news on the future network drama and rhythm game! Superb Corp President O Min-hwan, a company with a team of a collective 15 years experience in music games, talked about the development of the game. Big Hit released a trailer for a second Netmarble partnered game, it is unclear whether that project is still on schedule. The President revealed that the game will be starring the House of BTS characters! The drama, estimated release between the 2nd half of 2020 and early 2021, will be produced by Chorokbaem Media, the creators behind dramas such as My Mister, W, and Memories of the Alhambra, and writer Kim Su-jin, whose works include Dazzling. It is centered around the Bangtan Universe characters in a coming-of-age story of how they met and embarked on a journey of healing. We look forward to all of the exciting new things in ARMY’s future!

For more information on BTS:

New Adventures For MOA

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source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

We’re closing in on MOA’s first full year with Tomorrow X Together! Vice President of Big Hit Labels, Shin Young-jae, shares the successes TXT has achieved since debuting in March 2019. Winning 9 Rookie of The Year awards, earning the title “Global Super Rookies”, and selling out their first showcase tour in the US. He also shares that the group is planning their first-ever fan-live event and completing the Dream Chapter within the first half of the year. MOA will be attending TXT’s first world tour in “more diverse locations” sometime after their next album release. TXT made their Japanese debut with Magic Hour, album single composed of Japanese versions of 9 and Three-Quarters, CROWN, and Angel or Devil. They had several pop-ups from November to January with their merch, performing two showcases, hosting several hi-touch events, and attending many popular variety shows. They have a variety show due to air its first episode on March 8 at 8 PM KST/JST on popular network channel, Abema TV.

For more information on TXT:

New Additions To Weverse

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source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

The biggest new addition is the announcement that Pledis Entertainment top boy group, Seventeen, will be joining the fan community app sometime in 2020. The news is a surprise to Carats around the world. Weverse is still finding its perfect balance but we are excited to have a new fandom share the platform! They will be the 4th group to be added since GFriend‘s entrance in August 2019. Weverse along with Weply, the companion shopping app with exclusive merch, have worked together to make the fan experience easier. You can apply to music shows through the individual artists’ Weverse servers and get instant announcements. With Weply, ARMY were able to order merch online and pick it up at the October Seoul concert. It reduced waiting times at merch tables to less than an hour. There’s a map for venues too! Starting with ARMY, Big Hit introduced global membership! Unlike some memberships, they do not have deadlines and will be open to be joined year-round. TXT and GFriend have joined as well in August 2019 and January 2020 respectively. In 2020, we hope to see Weverse and Weply grow into a powerful giant of the fan experience.

For more information on GFriend, Seventeen, and Weverse:

Big Hit Prepares For The Future

Recently, Big Hit celebrated its 15th anniversary with the first Big Hit family photoshoot since TXT debuted. As the only 3 artists under the label, they bonded well with their newfound relationships. But as stated in these past years, Big Hit is planning to expand. First with the announcement of the partnership with CJ Entertainment, Belift Entertainment, and their auditions for their first boy group. In the 2020 Briefing, Belift Vice President Choi Yun-hyuk shared that the company’s upcoming 2020 group will be multinational across multiple countries. No other information has been shared but we at The Honey Pop will be ecstatic to cover their debut. The second is their new Chief Branding Officer, former SM Entertainment Visual Director, Min Hee-jin is heading the Source Music partnered girl group set to debut in 2021. They had 50,000 girls 13-19 audition for the group and they officially have selected the members who are training for debut. In a surprise announcement during the event, Big Hit Labels VP stated that Big Hit will be welcoming its 3rd boy group in 2022. Some MOA are nervous for TXT’s career as they debut a new group but our 5 triple threats will thrive in their seniority and we can’t wait to see it.

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source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment has seen many ups and downs in these 15 years. To think they saw the bottom only 5 years ago and they have reached such unfathomable heights. This was only the first brief of the year and in a few months, we might see some new surprises at the 2nd half brief. We wish many good things for the future of the company.

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source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Are you an ARMY, MOA, Buddy, or Carat? Leave a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on your thoughts on Big Hit’s updates!

Feature image source: courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

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