BTS Reveal Their True Selves With #FourthLookAt7

BTS Reveal Their True Selves With #FourthLookAt7

For the final round of concept photos, BTS show their ‘true selves’. Over the past four days, the global superstars have shown different aspects of themselves and given a taster of what can be expected from the album.

We can’t describe the anticipation we’re feeling and can’t stop talking about the concepts. #FourthLookAt7 peaked at #1 on the Twitter Worldwide Trends and there is a real buzz in the fandom with just over a week to go!

ARMY have once again gotten creative with their interpretations of the concept photos, including memes and edits linked to Harry Potter and theories regarding a previous release Skool Luv Affair which was sampled in ‘Intro: Persona’.

The imagery is so warm and youthful and the groupings in the photographs have raised speculation that perhaps we’ll be getting more sub-units. Following the iconic ‘Jamais Vu’ sub-unit featuring j-hope, Jin and Jung Kook…or rather Jung Ho Seok, a pun using the first syllable of their first names to form the full name of the rapper j-hope. And we can’t forget the sub-units from the BTS World Original Soundtrack!

Next up is the tracklist according to the comeback schedule. This is set to be the biggest comeback yet and we can barely stay calm!

Are you excited for the tracklist? Got any potential song name ideas for the album? Do you think there will be any collaborations? Drop a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Need more BTS in your life? We gotchu!

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Featured Image source: Courtesy of Full Coverage

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