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Sweet Releases The Sweetest Daily Musical Fix

Sweet Releases The Sweetest Daily Musical Fix

It’s that time again, and by time again, we mean a sugar coma and a cavity or three, because our Sweet Releases this week are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-canceling headphones. These sweet releases are coming at you hard and fast and you don’t need any distractions.

The Warhawks — Stardust Disco

Have you ever wanted to be in an ’80s movie? Well, ’Deliver’ by The Warhawks can transport you right into one! The guitar riffs and drumming kick the song off into an action-packed intro, and that’s literally just the beginning. They pour their heart and souls out onto their instruments, and it shows. You can catch The Warhawks on the rest of their tour, in which they will be performing songs from their brand new EP Stardust Disco!

Allan Rayman — ‘Chief’

Allan Rayman has a mind like no one elses. His song ‘Chief’ is a bop its self, with groovy beats and lyrics that give off the greatest vibe. It’s a mixture between get up and dance and lets chill in bed on a rainy Sunday morning. His music video is just as creative as the song in general. The music video is simple but holds an important message about his fans and how dedicated they are to him. We are the same way with some of our favorite artists. You can catch Allan on tour starting in April!

Pet Crow — Take The Edge Off

Pet Crow have come forth with their album Take The Edge Off. While it’s not relaxing coffee house music, it definitely has a softer more laid back feel. If a strong female fronted band suits your fancy, Pet Crow will be right up your alley! They hit topics of adult life that we all struggle with and we can’t wait to let go of all of our young adult angst with them on tour!

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum – ‘Come Talk To Me’

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum has a new song called ’ Talk To Me.’ While the only words seem to be ”come and talk to me, my love,” we can still get down with it. It’s groovy and has an almost techno feel to it. In the mood to dance? This is the song for you. In the beginning of the song you can hear what sounds like princess peach perhaps? Either way we are catching butterflies with these vibes for sure.

Col3trane — ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’

Col3trane is here to put us in our feels. ‘Someone to watch over me’ has a soft gentle rhythm, and we are so here for it. The vocals are as smooth as butter and you can tell that Col3trane puts his everything into his music. There are no loud overbearing musical instruments, just jazzy beats from keyboards, a drum or two and the backup vocals. An intimate song for sure, we stan.

Spanish Love Songs — Brave Faces Everyone

Spanish Love Songs have an album for you! “Brave Faces Everyone” is full of real songs, with real lyrics, that you can relate to. This punk band with the unique voice of lead singer Dylan Slocam have cemented their place on our punk playlists with this album. Songs like ‘Kick’ are relatable to all of us, and songs like ‘Brave Faces, Everyone’ capture exactly how a lot of us feel, like we have to put on a brave face. If you’d like to take a listen to these relatable punk tracks, check out their album, we think you’ll love it.

Connor Bvrns — ‘Anthem’ (Rehab Remix)

Connor Bvrns just released a remix of his song ‘Anthem,’ with R3HAB! Singing “I hear your melody in my head, cause love is our anthem.” The lyric will be stuck in our heads for days, so we’ll just have to play this song on repeat. Connor’s strong and smooth vocals carry the song, and R3HAB making it more of a dance song has us all loving it even more.

Boy In Space — ‘Caroline’

Boy In Space has truly placed a masterpiece in our laps. The song is absolutely beautifully written and produced along with Robin’s unforgettable, melodious vocals. The track offers us captivating lyricism on top of an unforgettable rhythm, and you can feel every emotion as he sings about unrequited love. This song is truly a gem, and his career is about to skyrocket, and we’ll be standing by!

4th & Orange — ‘In The LBC’

4th and Orange are back at it dropping another reggae inspired pop bop. ‘In The LBC’ offers us a beat that makes us wish we were somewhere on a beach sipping’ a drink with a cute little umbrella in it. Especially with the added visuals of the music video, which pans over a town in Long Beach, California as the band performs their groovy track. 2020 is going to be a big year for this band and we’ll be sitting on our beach chairs waiting for what they are going to do next!

Lindsay Latimer — Little Tiny Oceans EP

Lindsay Lattimer has dropped her third EP Little Tiny Ocean, and we are mesmerized by the sound. Each song has its own bit of electro-pop sound mixed in with an expressive melody and beautiful lyrics. Lindsay’s soft yet passionate voice adds a little bit of uniqueness to the tracks making her EP one-of-a-kind. We love the vibe the EP puts out and we are definitely adding it to our playlists immediately!

OTR with Ukiyo — ‘Midnight Sun’ (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S I Love You Soundtrack)

OTR and Ukiyo have delivered a beautiful song and video. It’s an instrumental masterpiece as you can still feel every emotion through the rhythm of the music, and the video brings to life those exact emotions as we watch a love story unfold before our eyes. This track is going to make the perfect addition to the To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You soundtrack!

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EVAN GIIA — ‘Switch Off’

Evan Giia’s latest single ‘Switch Off’ has some seriously hypnotic beats and a rhythmic melody. Giia’s vocals are rich and dynamic vocals seriously give this track and extra burst of life, and we just keep grooving along to it. We are so stoked for her upcoming tour and can’t wait to hear her perform this song live!

Eddy Lee Ryder — ‘Small Apartment’

We are absolutely in love with the playful element of this music video from the bright neon colors to the spritely way Eddy Lee Ryder dances about. The song itself has some playful lyrics so what better to express that then with such a creative video? You can’t help but dance along with her as she sings of her downstairs neighbor who isn’t necessarily her biggest fan. We love the nostalgic ‘70s feel of the track as well, and think it makes Eddy stand out from the crowd. Let’s hope she’s got more bops up her sleeve for us in 2020!

How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Releases? Just call us the Candy Man.

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep, Words: Emily Defoor, Gabbi Van Valkenburg, Brook Gray, and Kat Voss

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