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Interview: Get Cozy. Slip Into That Cardigan, Because Chaz Has Some News For All of Us …

Interview: Get Cozy. Slip Into That Cardigan, Because Chaz Has Some News For All of Us …

Chaz Cardigan

It may only be February, but 2020 is shaping up to be Chaz Cardigan’s year! We recently introduced you to Chaz who recently signed with Capitol Records & Loud Robot. He’s since released his new single ‘Not OK!’ which is an utter bop, and also featured on the soundtrack for To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You! Yet amongst this whirlwind of a year, Chaz had some time to catch up with us to have a chat about how things are going…

Chaz Cardigan
Image Source: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Hey Chaz! Can you introduce yourself in 280 characters (AKA the length of a tweet) or less?

Hi! I’m Chaz Cardigan — I’m a singer/songwriter/producer living in Nashville. I make what marketing executives call alternative music, which is whatever you want it to be, really. For me, it’s pop songs with messy guitars.

You’ve recently been signed with Capitol Records/Loud Robot, congratulations! Who from the Capitol roster would you love to collaborate with someday?

This is a great question and super unfair, I love a lot of artists on the roster! Definitely Beck and Norah Jones. Jon Bellion and Catfish and the Bottlemen would probably make sense vibe-wise — there’s also this part of me that hopes I can convince someone to let me get in the room with Migos, Matt Ox, or Lil Yachty, but they’ll probably all think I’m lame.

You’ve got a new single out ‘Not OK!’ – what can you tell us about the song?

I can tell you it’s insane that my family has heard it on the radio. That’s been an absolute trip! I wrote the song in 2018 right after I started going to therapy, I was in a really heavy season of self-inventory; now, I’m in a really clear headspace and it’s interesting to put it out with the difference of perspective. I love the song, I’ve been playing it in my live shows for about a year now so it’s cool to see people react to the recorded version.

With ‘Not OK!’ being a celebration of human imperfection, what would you consider that people should celebrate about themselves that generally, people consider overlooking or ignore about themselves?

Wow. I think our capacity to adapt. That’s such a big thing I don’t think people give themselves enough credit for: your brain and body are totally capable of growing into new situations if you lean into the change.

What is the one thing you want your fans to take away from listening to ‘Not OK!’ or your music in general?

Absolutely nobody has any idea what we’re doing, and that’s okay; we’re figuring it out together.

If you could time travel to any decade to make a name for yourself as an artist in that era of music, which would it be?

These questions are awesome. Real brain-pickers. I’m torn between the late-60’s/early-70’s and the late-90’s. Some days I really want to be in the Laurel Canyon folk-pop scene or tripping with The Byrds or Jefferson Airplane, other days I think I would have had a lot of fun touring with bands like Third Eye Blind and Foo Fighters.

What is a “mission” or “goal” that you have that you hope to achieve as an artist?

Hopefully to get people to let themselves feel their feelings. Not for social media, or because it’s trendy right now to talk about mental health, but because it’s the only way you will survive without going insane. Experience your emotions, be where you are and know that action has a consequence. If I can get people to let themselves feel honestly and act authentically because of it, that goes a long way.

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Thanks, Chaz. We’re so excited to see what you do this year!

Chaz’s new EP Vulnerabilia is out now

Have you stanned Chaz Cardigan yet? Did you catch his song in To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You? Let us know what you’re thinking down in the comments below or by tweeting @TheHoneyPOP

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Capitol Records, edited by Bilge Zeynep

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