Jeremy Zucker releases pop single ‘always i’ll care’!

Jeremy Zucker releases pop single ‘always i’ll care’!
Jeremy Zucker at Lollapalooza by Jacklyn Krol

Jeremy Zucker is once again blessing our ears with his new single ‘always i’ll care’. The second promotional single to his album love is not dying. Jeremy Zucker is a pop artist from New Jersey who grew up with music surrounding him. He was in his first band by elementary school and producing songs for other people by high school. Music was always important to Jeremy, but as time passed, he realized collaborations held him back. “It wasn’t until I got to college and was in a completely new environment that I realized that collaborating with people was holding me back,” he expresses. “With too many people in the room, there are a lot of opinions floating around and it’s hard to listen to yourself.”. After finishing his degree in molecular biology Jeremy Zucker went on to pursue his dream, music.

Jeremy Shows Love For His Friends in New Single

In the new single ‘always I’ll care’ Jeremy Zucker says “‘always, i’ll care’ is an ode to platonic love. it’s a song for my friends, whom I love deeply, and a promise to do better.” The song starts with soft piano and Jeremy’s dreamy voice, which draws you in and makes you focus on the story he is telling. Shortly into the song the beat starts and makes you want to dance along. Throughout the song, the music makes you happy while the lyrics tug at your heartstrings a bit, and who doesn’t love a song that can do both? ‘always I’ll care’ is accompanied by a video just as pretty as the song, you can watch below.

The video opens with Jeremy holding a bunny giving him a soft look from the beginning. The video goes on to show Jeremy singing and cute clips of people connecting, which gives the music video the same soft aesthetic as the song. I think ‘always i’ll care’ does a perfect job at making you feel exactly how Jeremy felt while writing the song.


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Featured image source: Meredith Truax

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