Justin Rarri Releases The Music Video For ‘Strong’ Featuring Lil Poppa

Justin Rarri Releases The Music Video For ‘Strong’ Featuring Lil Poppa

Justin Rarri, who you might recognize from his popular single ‘W2Leezy,’ has released his new song ‘Strong’ featuring Lil Poppa.

Justin has a natural talent to pick up on beats and has the ability to be able to hear what he thinks will be a hit in his music. Justin Rarri’s music is easy to vibe to even if it’s not your musical taste! 

The song starts with an almost calming guitar riff, but then you get hit with some hard-hitting lyrics. If you didn’t know, Justin is actually only 17 years old. How impressive! 

We know you’ve heard the song, but have you seen the music video? No need to rush to YouTube, we’ve got it right here!

The music video is simple and is basically the dream of most 17-year-old boys. At the beginning of the video, Justin Rarri is sitting against a brick wall, possibly on a basketball court, counting a large stack of money, truly living our dreams.

Soon many friends show up to the court, and there is a switch in the pattern. Blue swirling lights replace the plain brick wall of the basketball court. It’s exciting, and an overall simple music video, which lets us focus on the music more than the cinematics.

You can buy Justin’s song here, if you just can’t get enough!

Let us know what you thought about the music video in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Justin Rarri ‘Strong’ Official Song cover

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