YUNGBLUD Takes the Win For ‘Original Me’ At The NME Awards

YUNGBLUD Takes the Win For ‘Original Me’ At The NME Awards

YUNGBLUD has always been a winner here in our little black hearts, but now he’s a winner for real! At the NME awards, YUNGBLUD won Best Music Video for his song ‘Orginial Me’ featuring Dan Reynolds. 

After the song won its well-deserved award, YUNGBLUD stormed the stage to perform the winning song as well as the extra track ‘Braindead!’ 

You can watch Dom take over the stage at the NME awards here.

We all know YUNGBLUD is well known for his crazy antics and outspoken actions, but did you know he is also known for his partying?

After the ceremony came to an end, Dom hopped on the tube to pop over to Camden. Camden holds one of YUNGBLUDs favorite pubs called The Hawley Arms. This was the home of a massive celebration in honor of Doms win. The party continued with members of The Black Hearts Club until the wee hours of the morning. TBH we don’t know how they did it; our bedtime is 9 PM. 

I know we couldn’t be there, but you can still experience the fun! Watch it all go down here!

Don’t forget! YUNGBLUD is headed on tour! You can find out if he is coming to your city here. We’ll see you there!

Feeling excited to see Yungblud live? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop! We would love to fan-girl along with you! 

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Featured Image Source: Tom Pallant

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