Moonbyul takes the throne and spits fire with ‘Eclipse’.

Moonbyul takes the throne and spits fire with ‘Eclipse’.

With her third solo work, Mamamoo’s Moonbyul breaks down stereotypes and takes the crown with her new solo ‘Eclipse’. The song belongs to her second mini album Dark Side Of The Moon, which counts with over 59K sales on the first day of release.

More than a powerful song

The noisy instrumental and general dark and muddy concept are often associated with boy groups – which have taken down this route as a general new fashion hit concept – but Moonbyul brings it out as a female artist. And what can we say? It’s amazing! It has been one of the most enticing things regarding each individual member of Mamamoo. Their capacity of showing off that either in suits or high heels, in any form or tone, you can be powerful and beautiful. They open doors for acceptance and prove that you can be yourself and still one of the best performers in the industry – sending society to some place we can’t mention for the sake of this website’s integrity.

‘Eclipse’ blends strong EDM with Trap; it’s somewhat chaotic, but not unpleasant. It’s actually quite unforgettable after we listen for the first time. Once again taking down any expectations an audience may have towards what a female artist should release or perform. Moonbyul has this characteristic way of blending her fantastic voice with her rapping style, which suits the transition between the aggressive verses and a more melodic – sort of – chorus. ‘Eclipse’ has strong dynamics, with some guitar riffs in between. It’s overwhelming but ultimately captivating.

Lyrics & performance

The lyrics amazingly, don’t speak of love and unrequited feelings. Instead, it speaks of a battle between the light and the dark side. It’s open for interpretation if Moonbyul’s describing an inner battle between her own darkest side, the monster sheltered by the moon; or if instead she’s out to save her listeners, taking the position as protector. Either way, it suits the MV, which also balances and flashes between dark and light throughout its narrative.

As for the performance, nothing else could be expected. Moonbyul is an amazing performer, with a hooking smirk and mirthful eyes. The choreography fits the concept, and she does it with the obvious power she owns. Watch her comeback stage on MCountDown below.

Read some Moomoo’s reactions below!

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Your Moon, Mamamoo? Here’s your light!
K-Pop? Come to the dark side!



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