Treasure’s Bang Ye Dam Returns With Sweet Vocals

Treasure’s Bang Ye Dam Returns With Sweet Vocals

Ahead of Treasure’s debut, the group’s talented singer-songwriter Bang Ye Dam has released a cover of Pink Sweat$’s hit single, ‘Honesty’.

A month since the group reboot, this is Ye Dam’s first cover of their new career. His gentle tones and additions of his Korean lyrics bring this loving aura as the video fades from black and white to full color. The 17-year-old is well known amongst Treasure Makers (Treasure’s loyal fandom) for his amazing voice and excellent lyricism. He was first introduced to us as the YG rival in Stray Kids‘ Stray Kids survival show. Later, he was reintroduced as 16-year-old Ye Dam, full of skills and unstoppable in his YG Treasure Box introduction video.

Though it has only been a month, Treasure has made plenty of waves. Their new ot12 ‘Going Crazy’ performance film, as of this article, has garnered over 7 million views! Their vertical cam of the same song has gotten over 3 million! Even after a very long hiatus, it is amazing to see them come back with such great applause. There is still no information on the group’s debut as of now, but we still eagerly wait for news! Until then, we hope to see more covers from the 12 members. They currently have two series, TMI and Treasure Map, on their official Youtube channel where Treasure explores their personalities and discover new things as Youtubers!

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