Kitten Takes Us To ‘Memphis’ And Steals Our Hearts

Kitten Takes Us To ‘Memphis’  And Steals Our Hearts

If you caught Waterparks on their FANDOM tour like we did in late 2019, you might have gotten to experience beloved pop-rock band Kitten. Their 80s-infused, high-energy music is show-stopping. We get to see a different side of Kitten emerge from their most recent release, however: something softer, more delicate. Their hit ‘Memphis’ is now an acoustic love ballad that we’re obsessed with.

The original ‘Memphis’ is a bop that sounds like it’s straight out of a 90s sitcom, and it’s frontwoman Chloe Chaidez’s favorite song ever. We relate. “There is a tenderness to the melody that we thought would shine in an acoustic adaptation. The result is cute, giggly, and a bit sad, just like me,” she says. The song is undeniably adorable with some moody undertones.

We’re always wanting to hear your thoughts on these releases, honeybees: do you prefer this version of ‘Memphis’ to the original? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Many other bangers were dropped this week, too, so be sure to check out our Fresh Music Friday for the week!

More of Kitten can be found here:

Featured Image Source: Abigail Tulis

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