Ocean Grove Fulfills Our Flip Phone Fantasies with New Single ‘NEO’

Ocean Grove Fulfills Our Flip Phone Fantasies with New Single ‘NEO’

Hailing in from Melbourne, Ocean Grove punk jumps right to the top of Australia’s heavy music scene. Debuting The Rhapsody Tapes in 2017 started their road to rocking out. Ocean Grove is a nu-metal band that formed in 2010. Consisting of current members Dale Tanner (vocals, bass), Matthew Henley (guitar), Sam Bassal (drums), Twiggy Hunter (bass, vocals), they are a super unique addition to your playlist. Mixing a combination of nu-metal, grunge, metalcore, and hardcore punk, they dub their sound as “Odd World Music.”

The group has toured globally with real ballers like Limp Bizkit, Northlane, and The Amity Affliction. Planning to hail over 2020, they have planned plenty more shows later this year. 

Ocean Grove Promo Picture
Photo Source: Murry Deaves

Let’s talk about their release of single and video for ‘NEO’ from their album Flip Phone Fantasy due out this spring via UFD. This song hits hard from the start, before spiraling into a super sick breakdown and bumping right back. With an exciting twist, Bassist Twiggy Hunter swaps bass for frontman duties with Dale on this killer track. Touching on heavy-hitting topics, this song exposes another side of teenage aggression and depression. Learning through anger and confusion and finding your place in the world, Flip Phone Fantasy is set to cover a broad spectrum of human emotions, making us super intrigued for the upcoming album. Stay tuned to hear more from Ocean Grove as we wait impatiently for the album to drop. 

What do YOU think about the single? Let us know what’s on your mind @thehoneypop 

To learn more about Ocean Grove:

Featured image source: Ocean Grove on Facebook

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